Welcome to a night at the Movies! Actually, it is more like an entire week if you decide to take your vacation at the All Star Movie Resort Disney. If you are planning to go to Disney World, one of the main reason’s is because you or your kids know one of the many different Disney characters that fill the screen in one of their many movies. Sure, Disney is everywhere nowadays but most of us know them because of the quality family movies they have created over the years. If you are on a budget and considering staying at one of the Disney Resort properties, you will want to at least consider the All Star Movies Resort. This Disney Value Property surrounds you with some of your favorite Disney Movies like Toy Story, The Love Bug, 101 Dalmatians, The Mighty Ducks and even Fantasia. Your kids will look around in pure amazement when they see their favorite movie characters, larger than life displayed around this unique property. The Disney All Star Movies Resort is one of the Value locations but since it is a Disney Property, it offers all of the same benefits as if you were at one of the Deluxe resorts. It might not have all of the fancy options as some of the more expensive Disney properties but it still gets you early access to the parks as well as the ability to take the Disney transportation system anywhere that it goes.

Movie Style Rooms

The All Star Movies Resort has a total of 1,920 rooms. The rooms are clean but will not be much different than if you stayed in a regular hotel room. Each room is about 240 Square Feet and have 2 Double Beds. Some of the rooms offer a King Size bed but these are designated as Handicapped rooms. If you are looking for a Family Suite, you are still in luck. Even though the Movies Resort doesn’t have any Suites available, as long as you are okay with switching to a different Value Resort, Family Suites are available at the Disney All Star Music Resort or the Art of Animation Resort. These two Value Properties are the only ones that offer Suites as an option.

Disney Value with Benefits

If you are planning on traveling to Disney World in Orlando Florida, you know there are a lot of options when looking for a place to stay. If you can swing it, staying at one of the Disney Resort Properties adds the extra benefits that only Disney can provide. Disney knows that most people work within a budget so they created a number of Value Resorts to accommodate those who are looking to pinch as many pennies as possible but still get the full Disney World experience. The All Star Movies is one of those more affordable options and is unique because of the display of characters in some of the most memorable Disney Films. So, what is the difference between the different Resort levels? Well, you will see that the Value Resorts are not quite as elaborate or have all of the amenities of the more expensive resorts but if you are like many who visit Disney World, you are only looking for accommodations that are clean and a good place to lay your head down at night anyway. If this is how you view your vacation when you visit, why spend all of your money on your place to stay? Wouldn’t it be better spent on making other memories in the Parks? Only you can answer these questions but many who come to play in Orlando Fl like to stay at one of the on site properties because of the convenience that it brings them.

It’s all about the Movies

As the name implies, the Disney All Star Movies property is all about showing you the fun around many of the great Disney Movies. As you would imagine, the All Star Movies at Disney World is surrounded by everything Film related. As you turn on to Director’s Drive and pull up to the front of the main building off of Premiere Way, you immediately know you are at a Disney Resort. Each of the Disney Resorts are special in some way and this one makes you feel as if you are in the heart of Movies from beginning to end.

A lasting impression is made from the large, towering structures that are just incredible to look at. It is something that is not easily forgotten, and for the kids, it will be a time to build memories. Find out all there is to know about the different styles and accommodations at Disney All Star Movies Resort Rooms.

Water Fun at the Movies

You will not find any Water Slides, Lazy Rivers or Hot Tubs at any of the Disney Value Resorts but you will find a couple of really nice swimming pools with Disney Characters in the midst. As you exit Cinema Hall, you will see the biggest pool at the All Star Movies Complex. The Fantasia pool is located in the Fantasia Themed accommodations area. The second pool is off to the right in the Mighty Ducks Themed location. It is a little smaller and quieter and it was created in the shape of a hockey rink. Find out all there is to know and see pictures about all of the Water Fun take a look at the Pool at Disney All Star Movies Resort.