Most of your time will probably be spent running around the Disney Theme Parks on your vacation but if you decide that you would like to take a day off from the rat race, know that there are plenty of Disney All Star Music Amenities to enjoy if you stay at the resort for a day or two. You can spend some time just looking around at all of the different Musical designs and maybe hanging out in the different Themed areas to get a feel of the ambiance created for your enjoyment. If you have kids with you, you will not get very far before they notice the huge Guitar shaped pool that they will want to jump in and splash around. I say that it will not be long because after you finish your check in and head for your room, this is the first thing they will see when leaving the main building. If this pool is crowded, you also have the option of another large Grand Piano pool near the back of the property as well.

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Fun for the Kids

It is a Disney resort, so you know that there has to be a number of fun things for the kids to enjoy. All of the younger kids will want to spend some time in the dry playground area near the Jazz Inn. This playground is a perfect place for the parents to sit back and relax while the kids are off running through the play area, sliding down slides and wearing themselves out. If you have been at the Theme Parks all day and you see that the kids still have energy left to spare, take them to the playground for awhile and watch the batteries run down. If you want to take the playtime indoors for a while, check out the Note’able Games Arcade with games for all ages. This air conditioned area is great to cool off while the kids run tokens through the machines. You never know, you might end up playing more than the kids do.

Stay in shape

You might think that you get plenty of exercise while walking around the parks while you are in Orlando and you would probably be right. Some of us can’t seem to get enough exercise no matter what we do. You should know that there is NOT a gym or place to workout at Disney All Star Music Resort but they do have a very nice 1 mile Jogging trail that takes you around the entire resort.