So you have made the decision that you are going to stay in the Disney Animal Kingdom Kidani Village Accommodations when visiting the Orlando Florida area. There are a few things you should know before booking your room. Of course you are staying at the Animal Kingdom Resort because you want to have the opportunity of seeing all of the Animals in a more intimate setting but what type of room should you choose when you are staying at this Deluxe Disney Resort? This is where you need to be certain that you are getting the type of room that will put you in the best position for viewing the Animals on the African Savanna like property. I think a lot of people just assume that since they are staying at this location, they will automatically be placed in a room with a Savanna view but this is simply not the case. In order to get this pristine lookout, you will need to pay a little extra to step up from the Standard View rooms to the Savanna View Rooms. It might cost a little more each day but it is not a huge amount extra when you are looking at the overall cost. If you are staying at this location you should really take inventory of what you are expecting during your visit. If having a view of the Rolling African Savanna is what you are looking for when you wake up each morning, you might want to consider getting this upgrade.

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Types of Accommodations and Views

Each of the Accommodations at the Kidani Village, whether you are selecting a Deluxe Studio or a 1 to 2 Bedroom Villa, come with the option of having a Standard View or Savanna View. If you are looking out for your budget during this trip and you feel that you cannot move away from the Standard Room Type, know that you will still have access to everything that the resort has to offer including walking around all of the paths at any time to view the animals from multiple vantage points. If, however, you are really interested in having the more unique experience of seeing the beauty of the Savanna each day from your own private balcony, the Savanna View is the way to go. When Disney decided to build this magnificent resort they wanted it to be as authentic to the real thing as they could possibly get. This is why all of the buildings on the property wrap around sections of the land in a horseshoe configuration. This gives better viewing access to more of the accommodations and amenities as they surround the areas where the animals will be roaming. No matter what room type you choose, you will notice that the spaces are a little larger than the other properties that Disney has built in the past. Most of the 1 Bedroom Villas at the other Disney Properties only have space for 4 guests but the 1 Bedroom Accommodations at Kidani Village have additional space to include a total of 5 guests. This is also true for the 2 Bedroom Villas at Kidani Village, they have space for 9 guests instead of the normal 8 that you will find elsewhere. Included with all of the Studios is a Small Wet Bar with Microwave, mini-refrigerator and Coffee Maker and all of the Villas come with a full size Kitchen. This is a plus for many families because is affords them the ability to cook some meals without having to go out and pay at a restaurant for every meal. For families that need that extra space, this is the perfect location to consider.