Take some time and view all of the Disney Wilderness Lodge Videos to get an idea of what this Deluxe Disney Resort is all about. You will see from the start that this Disney location is a little different from the rest and it really stands out in ways you might not imagine. The entire theme behind the Wilderness Lodge is to take you into the wonderful times when the Great National Parks in our nation were just starting to take hold. Although they have been around from the beginning of time, they were not display and taken care of the way they should have been until the early 1900’s. Disney has done a great job in capturing this Northwestern spirit and is shows throughout the entire property.

The grand lobby will make your jaw drop as soon as you enter. You might think this is a large building from the outside but I promise you that you will not feel the full size until you enter the main doors. The 6 story high lobby made like a giant log cabin is rustic but very inviting. One of the things you will notice right off is the large fireplace with many wooden rocking chairs to have a comfortable visit during any of the cooler nights.

The Swimming Pools are fed by a spring that spouts out of the Lobby in the lodge and flows briskly across rocks and rough terrain to make its way to the main Silver Creek Springs Pool. This is the family pool at the resort and comes complete with a large Swimming area, a fun 67 foot Water Slide, 2 large Whirlpool Spas and a Kiddie Splash pool. The kids will have a great time at this pool for hours while you either join in on the fun or sit out and have some relaxing time all to yourself. There is also a smaller, more quiet pool and whirlpool spa located at the Villas next door.

Take a look at the videos and you will see what fun you will have during your stay. It is a great idea to share these with the other members of your family so they can get excited about the upcoming trip. As you know, part of the fun of any vacation is the anticipation of actually going.

Disney Wilderness Lodge Resort Video

Full Tour of the Disney Wilderness Lodge and Pool Areas

Disney Wilderness Lodge Accommodations

One of the Standard Rooms with 2 Queen Beds

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