If you are looking to stay in one of the premier Disney Resorts when you are visiting the Orlando area but you really would like a little more room to spread out during your stay, take a look at the Disney Wilderness Lodge Villas. This luxury resort area offers all of the space and amenities that you are used to at home but you also get the added bonus of staying at one of the most famed properties in the Disney area. The rustic look and feel of the amazing lodge coupled with the larger living spaces with full Kitchens in the 1 and 2 bedroom villas and Kitchenettes in the Studios, makes this a great family vacation spot.

Northwestern National Parks Flare

When Disney was starting their design of the Wilderness Lodge Villas in Orlando, they wanted to bring an experience like no other in the area. Since the National Park boom in the early 1900’s were so popular and people would travel many miles just to get a glimpse at the glory of nature, Disney felt that this would be a great idea to build a resort around. As soon as you enter the main lobby, the massive 6 story open structure is really a sight to behold. As you look around at all of the large wooden beams built to support the structure you will hear the sound of running water in the background. This might peak your curiosity enough to find out what is making this noise before you even make it to the check in counter. As you walk to the back section you see a bridge spanning an area where a spring is bubbling up water and a lovely stream is trickling out of the back of the lodge. Looking out of the large glass wall that makes up the back area of the lodge, you notice that this stream flows down the hill to where families are playing at the Silver Creek Springs Pool. It is at this time that you are really excited about all that you will see while staying at this grand lodge.

Take a Walk and Take in all of the Fun and Beauty

If you are visiting with your kids, you will notice that they can hardly contain themselves as they are completely overwhelmed by the size of this Property. When they get a glimpse of the Large Swimming Pool with a Water Slide at the bottom of the stream, it will take everything you have just to get them to the room before they jump in. After you have made it to one of the more spacious rooms, you will want to get settled in quickly so the children can take off and enjoy all of the Disney Fun right away. While they are off enjoying the pool, just behind this area you will see Water Spraying far into the air. Only Disney would consider building a Geyser right on the property to mimic the Old Faithful Geyser out west. It is truly a sight to see and you kids will ask over and over, when will if spray again. To the back of the main pool, there is a shallow Kiddie Pool for the toddlers to enjoy and there are even 2 hot tubs nearby for the adults. A nice white sandy beach is also in this area with plenty of seating to watch the kids build a nice sandcastle while you just relax away from all of the festivities of the day.

Take a trip to the Great Northwest without having to leave the Orlando area at the Deluxe Disney Villas at the Wilderness Lodge.

Villas at the Disney Wilderness Lodge

A few different options are available to your family when you book your reservations at the Villas at Wilderness Lodge in Orlando Florida. Choose from a Studio style room that offers a larger space to accommodate a small kitchenette or step up to one of the larger multi-room 1 or 2 Bedroom Villas. The larger Villas offer additional space with full Kitchens and can really make the difference when you are staying for a week or more on vacation. For full information on the Villas and the many things to do while you are at the Villas Wilderness Resort Disney Orlando take a look at our Disney Wilderness Resort Amenities.