Oh, the joys of vacation. What a great time when the family can come together and make memories. That is, until you look down at “Spot” and he is looking up at you wondering where you are going. You know the feeling, guilt overcomes you as you get him/her ready to take to the kennel. There is another option you know. You could take your little buddy to Pet Friendly Hotels in Disney World. In all actuality, he will probably have a better time with you than he would ever have at the kennel.

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Are there any Pet Friendly Disney World Resorts?

What a great question! In all truth, there is only one Disney World Resort you can stay in and also keep your pet with you and that would be the Disney Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. Even if you bring your pet to the Campground, just how are you able to spend time at the parks?

Disney Fort Wilderness Campground limitations

Your pet is not allowed to be on any of the Disney Transportation so you cannot take them to any of the Theme Parks with you. Pets at the Campground must always be on a leash and can only be kept in a climate controlled vehicle. If you want to allow your pet to have a fun day while you spend time at the parks, the best option is to leave them at Best Friends Pet Care. This facility is like royalty to your pet and he/she might not want to leave when you come back to pick them up.

Special Note:

No matter where you stay with your Dog (or Cat), be sure to check the latest Pet Policies before booking your travel plans. Pet Policies can change at any time so be sure you have the most up to date information.

Water Slide Fun

If you have never been to the Disney Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, you might not know that they have a large outdoor pool with a corkscrew Water Slide. Your pet cannot be in the pool area but as long as he is on a leash, there are a lot of trails to walk with your pet.

Service Animals

Service Animals are not Pets. As with most locations, Service Animals are allowed at most places that the owner is allowed.

Be sure to check out the other Pet Friendly Hotels in Orlando. These are not Disney Resorts but they do offer great amenities for your pet.

List of Pet Friendly Hotels in Disney World!