You have spent the last few days at the Disney Theme Parks and you are ready to take one day of downtime before you head back into all of the fun and crowds. On days like this, it is a good idea to know about the different Pop Century Resort Amenities and things to do at the property you are staying at. Of course there are plenty of pools around to stay cool and let the kids splash around during the day. You have the main, really large Flower Pool in the 1960’s section as well as a Bowling Pin pool and a Computer Pool. Since the Flower Pool is the biggest, it will have the most traffic so if you want some quiet time by a pool, head over to one of the smaller ones in the 1950’s or 1980’s section. Behind the Flower Pool there is also a small circular Water Fountain play area that the toddlers and smaller kids will have a blast playing in. Take a look at the Pop Century Pool section to learn everything there is to know about the pools at this property.

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Other Fun things to do

When you think of anything created by Disney, your first thought is probably family friendly. Even though Pop Century is a Value Resort there are still some really fun things going on at this resort. Each day, a group of Disney Staff come out to the main pool and have dance parties and family fun activities. Have your camera ready because you are going to want to have these pictures and videos for great memories. If you have had enough pool fun and want to get inside for a while, check out the large family arcade inside of the Classic Hall. There are all sorts of games from the latest and greatest to some of the older style games that the adults might really have fun playing. If shopping is what you want, there is a nice Shopping area inside of the Classic Hall as well.

Jogging Track around the Resort

Take some time to yourself or walk around the resort on the 1 mile track with the family. This jogging track is here to give you a place to exercise but it is also a great way to see the many different sections of the resort.