$50 Saving on Wild Africa Trek

Have you ever been to Animal Kingdom at Disney World in Orlando? I know that every time we go, we ride the Safari tour over an over again. It is one of the best adventures you can take while you are in the park because it feels very much like you are actually enjoying a real Safari. Every time you get off of the ride you wish that you could get closer to the action and spend more time with the wild and beautiful animals in the park. You are sure that there is so much more than Disney is letting you see. Well, if you feel this way, you might be interested in taking a behind the scenes type of tour called the Wild Africa Trek and if you act before October 26 of 2013 you will also enjoy a $50 savings on this expedition as well.

What do you get to do on the Wild Africa Trek?

Take to this VIP guided adventure and travel through the Safari at Disney Animal Kingdom like you have never dreamed. You will be treated like one of the crew and you will feel like you have access to things that no one else has ever seen before. One of the things that makes this adventure so grand is the fact that you get to walk, ride and scurry across an amazing rope bridge to see the animals up close and personal and from vantage points that can normally only be imagined. You are not left alone to venture out on the rustic trail, you will be with an experienced guide who is well versed in all of the nature that surrounds you.

Making Memories

You will want to take you camera and take pictures along the way but if you would like, you will also see that there is a Professional Photographer taking pictures through the entire experience. You will have an opportunity to see these pictures at the end of the tour and purchase any of them that you like. Not only will you have pictures along the way but at the end you will also receive a souvenir to remember this trek by.

What are the Dates?

The adventure has already begun but you have plenty of time to have this once in a lifetime exploration of your very own. If you are interested in getting in on the $50 Savings for the Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom you need to sign up by October 26th. I is something you will remember for all times.