Aquatica Cabana in Orlando – Pure Enjoyment

We have all done it. We walk in to the Aquatica Water Park in Orlando and we start looking for just the perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy time with the family and what do you know, all of the good seating is taken. So we wander through the rest of the park and we finally find a nice place to rest, but of course there are 4 of us and wouldn’t you know it, there are only 2 lounges available in a corner of the park with no shade to be found anywhere. Save yourself the time and aggravation by renting a Cabana early and have your seats reserved before you even get to the park.

Is a Cabana at Aquatica really worth it?

How can this question even be asked? Well, if you have stayed at some of the nicer hotels and resort around the country, you probably already know that the Cabanas are great until you find out the price. That’s right, you can spend $300 or more a day just to sit in the lap of luxury for a few fleeting hours. Of course they are great hours, but for most of us, that kind of money can be spent on something much more fun during the vacation. The great thing about the Cabanas at Aquatica is that they have something to fit just about any price range and budget that you might have. Choose from the simple accommodations of 2 reserved Lounge Chairs with an Umbrella for $19 or get the full Ultimate Package with seating for 4 and amenities like Plush Upgraded Furniture, a Dining Table for up to 6 guests and even a second Cabana with a Sofa with additional seating as well. Yes, this Ultimate collection costs about $300 but there are also many other options in between the cheap and the really expensive. If you look at what you are paying for the cost of the park and the little extra that you can spend on having that little extra comfort during your time at the park, don’t you think it is worth it?

Are there any additional Perks to having a Cabana Rental?

Absolutely, there are many benefits to having a Lounge Rental or Cabana at the Aquatica Water Park. Here is a short list but there are many more options depending on what level you purchase.

  • VIP Wristbands
  • Towels
  • Locker Rental
  • Ceiling Fan (Cabanas Only)
  • Complimentary Bottled Water (limit depends on the Cabana Rental)
  • Discount on Merchandise
  • Much More…

With all of these benefits, if you look at what you are getting, most of these Luxury Cabanas pay for themselves throughout the day. Doesn’t your family deserve the pampering they are going to get from having one of these wonderful places for the day?