Disney Celebrates the Animal Kingdom Turning 15 this year

It is really hard to believe it has already been fifteen years since the first day Animal Kingdom Theme Park in Orlando Florida opened its gates for excited guests. If you have been to this park, this would be a great time to return, if you have never been, make sure you visit soon. This is one of the premier parks in Orlando that everyone wants to see because it is so different from all of the others in the area. The actual celebration of opening day starts on April 22nd of 2013. Not many days away but you still have time to get in on the festivities.

Is Disney doing anything Special for this event?

I’m not even sure I need to answer this question. Of course Disney is doing something special for this day. They are always looking for any excuse to do something extra and add a little pizazz to your visit. If you are in the area and have the opportunity to stop in on the 22nd, you can be a part of the special opening ceremony. Stop over at the Tree of Life and you will have the chance to listen to a message from Josh D’Amaro himself (VP of Animal Kingdom). To spice things up a little more, there will be Special Food and drinks available as well as purchase once in a lifetime, 15th anniversary merchandise. These items are only available in limited quantities so if you are a Disney Collector, this might be a great time to pick up something extra special to put on your mantle at home (um, I mean get something extra special for your kids).

Earth Day Party for the Planet

Since it is Earth Day and you will be visiting a park that celebrates our beautiful planet, Disney will be sharing a wonderful day of unique festivities. The Party for the Planet will offer interactive activities in the park all day long (9am to 5pm). I am sure that this will all be done first class because Disney does not really know any other way to celebrate. If you are not able to make it to the party, you can check back for additional updates as we get them.