Mickey and Minnie Meet and Greets at the new Adventurers Outpost

One thing that I have always found to be true when you go to any of the Disney Theme Parks is the anticipation of seeing and possibly meeting one of the Disney Characters walking around in one of the Theme Parks. Disney knows that this is a very important part of the excitement that your kids feel and they are always looking for ways to give you better access to these wonderful characters in the park.

Where is the Adventurers Outpost?

It makes sense that anything called the Adventurers Outpost would have to be located in the Animal Kingdom Theme Park at Disney. Even the name sounds like something you would see at a safari adventure on the African plains. Head on over to Discovery Island and meet the famous Mickey and Minnie Mouse in an indoor retreat made special for the younger ones to enjoy. You will also want to make sure that you get a picture while you are there to have a memory that you can keep for a lifetime.

Why are Mickey and Minnie moving from Camp Minnie-Mickey?

This is just speculation but it seems that if Disney is moving Mickey and Minnie from the Camp that they are normally found in, that something must be changing at that locations. There are rumors that the new Avatar area that Disney has been talking about will be taking over this space and if that is true, it makes sense to move the most favorite Disney Characters to a new location now. Again, all of this remains to be seen and it is not official but we will keep you up to date on this as we find out more information.