The Enchantment of Tangled brought to Life in Fantasyland

Disney has been working feverishly to bring new characters to life over the last few months when opening the new Fantasyland section in the Magic Kingdom. This themed area of the Disney World creation is mainly geared toward the younger kids in the group but honestly, it is hard to pass up the opportunity to walk through the beautiful real life canvas that only Disney is able to create. Like all of the other new sections to the park, the Tangled area is designed to allow you to roam through many different areas that you would recognize in the movie itself. The buildings, landscaping and overall feel will remind you of the magical places that you have seen on the big screen.

What will I see

Walk past the entrance to the Haunted Mansion and continue to walk along the main path, you will notice that many of the areas have strings of paper lanterns to light their way. It would be hard to build out this section of the park without having props from one of the major scenes from the movie. Kids and adults will love the way that Disney has brought this to life. Continue to walk and you will see many forest and rocky areas as well as a nice waterfall and brook below the tower that contained the beautiful princess.

Although this is designed to be a restroom and area of rest, Disney has done a great job of bringing another one of its movies to life. There are many seating areas as you walk through the village to sit and enjoy the sights as well as sit down with your young ones and let them tell you stories of what they see around them.