Where is the Spitting Stitch?

It is really fun to watch unsuspecting tourists walk by and get sprayed by a stream of water as they are passing by the over-sized Disney Store in Downtown Disney. If you have not had a chance to make it to Downtown Disney when you visit Orlando, you really owe it to yourself to check it out. Disney has so much to do at this location and they are continually looking at ways to get our attention. On top of the roof at each entrance to the large Disney Store in Downtown Disney, Disney Characters are perched above to invite each guest to the store. Some are more mischievous than others.


Where is that water coming from?

When walking along the large walkway around the outside of the Disney Store, you might feel a stream of water hit you as you walk by. At first, you wonder where it came from and then you start looking around at other “Spectators” who just found out about this and are watching to see if it happens to anyone else. The lovable and playful Disney Character, Stitch, from the movie Lilo and Stitch is sitting high above the crowd waiting to spray water on whoever he feels is his best target. Others will find fancy with his antics but the ones who become an object of his water mayhem are very confused and disoriented. This makes Stitch very happy and forces him to continue his fun throughout the day as guests walk by.

Fun for the Kids

Any time something happens out of the ordinary and kids are around, it is always a pure joy to watch their reactions. If you are looking for something simple and fun to do when you are at Downtown Disney, just take the kids by the Disney store and stand in front of Stitch. This will provide fun that costs you nothing but will have you talking about it for the entire night.