What do you mean Free Parking at Disney?

Have you ever pulled up to any of the Disney Resorts and seen the Guards at the Entrance Points and turned around because you figure, “There is no point in going up to the gate, we aren’t staying at a Disney Property.”? I think that is the way most people feel but there is a little known fact that Disney DOES want you to know. They want you to visit their different Resorts and they will let you in free as a Visitor to do so. Alright, what is the catch? Well, it depends on how you look at this. If you are just interested in looking at everything that Disney has put together for their paying guests, there really isn’t one but if you think just because you got past the gate that you will have access to all of the same guest amenities, well, that is not the case. We will come back to that in a minute though, the main thing here is that you can get Free Disney Parking at any of the main resorts.


How does Free Parking at a Resort Help me?

That is what is so amazing about this whole thing that most people don’t know about. If you go to any of the Disney Theme Parks in Orlando, the parking fees for just an automobile is $21.00 per day. Let’s say that you are not staying at a Disney Resort and you have purchased your Disney Passes for the entire week, if you go to the Disney Parks every day over the week you will pay an additional $105.00 just for parking. For some, it really doesn’t matter, it is just an added expense to the vacation but for those who are pinching penny’s, you can park for free as a visitor at one of the Disney resorts and take Disney transportation wherever you want to go. Disney has free shuttles that leave all of the resorts and will take anyone who gets on to the different Theme Parks. Not only that, but some of the resorts are also so close to the Theme Parks, you can head out by foot on a beautiful walking path to the entrance of the parks.

Additional Information

Disney has a reason for letting you into the resort areas. They do such a great job at creating the first impression that they know if you see how well they treat their paying guests, you might be willing to splurge next time and give one of the many Disney Resort Options a try. I really think this is a great marketing tool for Disney and what better way to get people to stay at one of their locations than to give you a free taste of what would be available if you did.