Unless you have been hiding under a rock, or buildings of wood and stone, you are familiar with the phenomenon of the Angry Birds. They started out unassuming enough, but it wasn’t long before we started seeing the flying creatures in all of the media platforms, poised to invade and take over like the 1950’s fear of aliens from another planet. Well, we have been taken over alright but we can’t seem to get enough of these colorful birds flying through the air and destroying everything in their path just to take out their dreaded enemies, the pigs.

It is amazing to see how far they have come in such a short amount of time. When they first showed up, I thought that they were cute for a game but all of a sudden they were everywhere. Plush toys in the stores, lunchboxes for the kids and they have been mentioned everywhere.

Well, they have finally hit the pinnacle of their existence. It has recently been announced that these Angry Birds have been given their own attraction at none other than the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando Florida. I am sure that a couple of years ago, no one would have seen this coming. Rovio has partnered with the Kennedy Space center to build something that no one has ever seen before. We do not have many details on the attraction at this time but just know that it is coming and it is going to be something big. When your kids find out, you will have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. They will find you and twist your arm until you agree to take them to the life sized adventure that we have all come to love and enjoy.

We will be bringing more information on this as we learn more about it. Stay Tuned!