Kennedy Space Center Angry Birds Encounter is now Open

It seems like only a few weeks ago we were talking about the new attraction at the Kennedy Space Center and how it was going to be very different from anything else you have seen at this Attraction. Well, the time has come to reveal a little about the latest fantastic, hands on adventure – The Angry Birds Space Encounter.

What is it all about?

We have all seen the Angry Birds in action whether it be on a tablet, smartphone, computer or even just seeing them in the store on all of the latest promotional items. They seem to be everywhere. It just seems like a good fit, especially since the last version of Angry Birds Space that came out last year, for them to open an interactive exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral Florida. As you enter the world of the Angry Birds you will have to walk through a cylindrical portal that transports you into another world. Enter the main building and you will immediately see that this is not like anything you have ever experienced before. There are tablets and big screens setup at all locations and almost every thing you run into is an interactive adventure that will immerse you and your kids in a special adventure. Although there is a lot of technology built into this display, it is also brought into the physical world with real sling shots launching stuffed angry birds at the pigs on screens. It is much more dynamic and intriguing when you can actually get your hands on one of the birds and physically shoot it at a target. There is also a maze that you can maneuver through but it is setup with multiple lasers that you cannot break the light or you will lose points as you go through. There is also a mirror maze setup that can be confusing but a lot of fun to go through.

Who is the Angry Birds Encounter designed for?

Although the exhibit was created with kids in mind, the adults won’t be able to help themselves when they enter the labyrinth of fun things to do. Be honest with yourself, how many hours have you spent playing the game when your child brings you their tablet and asks you to help them through the next level. It is essentially over at that time, an hour later they are still trying to pry it from your hands. Well, maybe it isn’t that bad but you understand what I am getting at. It is such a fun game and made in such a simple way that anyone can play and enjoy all that it has to offer. At the end of the tour you will be dropped into an Angry Birds store stocked full of all of your favorite items to purchase to remember this experience.

Short Video from the COO

The Cheif Operating Officer Talks about the Opening


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