Who doesn’t enjoy the characters from the Dreamworks movies Madagascar? I can’t think of anyone. The characters are lovable and lively as well as bright colored and very interesting. Well, if you do enjoy the Madagascar characters, you might want to make your way down to Tampa and check out the new musical show “Madagascar Live! Operation:Vacation”. They are creating this show for Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida and also SeaWorld in San Diego, California. So no matter what coast you live on, or are planning to visit over the summer, you have no excuse but to go and enjoy the new show that is guaranteed to please everyone who visits.

I can’t think of a better Theme Park location to present a musical about animals. Busch Gardens Tampa is set in the picturesque landscape of and African savanna and is a great place to let all of the characters from Madagascar loose on the human population. Of course, all of your favorites will be there, like Alex (the Lion), Gloria (the Hippo), King Julien (the Lemur) and we can’t forget the Penguins. What would the show be without them, after all. The show is set to open on May 18th 2013, in Tampa and is designed to have a live band playing music that you are used to as well as some original hits as well.

A lot of time and energy has been put into making this musical a fantastic adventure for the young and old alike. Taking from the on screen adventure and making a 20 minute musical is no easy feat but I think that everyone will agree that they have done a great job putting this together. So bring the family for a new adventure and enjoy a time of music and fun that everyone will remember for many years to come.