Panther Springs Exhibit at Gatorland

If watching wild animals make for an exciting adventure for you, Gatorland might just have what you are looking for this year with the new Panther Springs Exhibit. What makes it even more intriguing is that you have 2 endangered Florida Panthers and they are also brother and sister. What an exciting time for these animals to be together and enjoy a new home at Gatorland after being cared for by a Florida conservationist. Neiko and Lucy are going to make a great park even better.

Why is this breed almost extinct?

Since these animals are wild creatures and conservation has really only taken hold in the past few decades in our country, the Florida Panther was hunted early on in the 20th century until they were almost taken out of existence. In 1967, these beautiful but dangerous creatures, were added to the endangered species list and it was determined to help them survive at whatever cost. In 1995, they brought in 8 female Texas Cougars to help with this problem and since the Florida Panther is part of the cougar family, this seemed like the best fit. Well, it seems to have worked quite nicely and it was also found that these panthers are actually producing healthier offspring which in turn is helping with the return of their population. Understanding some of the history behind a magnificent creature like this can help us understand how quickly things can change without intervention. If this had not happened, we would have probably completely lost this breed of cat, only to be seen in the future from books.

What is Panther Springs going to be like for Neiko and Lucy?

They are going to have a great new home with space to roam and enjoy each others company. Panther Springs is an area of space providing over 2,000 square feet of open space with a nice waterfall and plenty of places for these cats to enjoy the weather and relax. It is an area that is great for viewing these panthers and will bring joy to all who visit.

Come join in on this attraction and enjoy this wonderful new addition to the Gatorland Park.