Full Expansion Opening Soon at Fun Spot America

If you are visiting the Orlando area on vacation, Fun Spot America is probably not on your to do list at all but it is something to consider, even if it is on a return trip to Orlando. If you are looking for something a little different than you would find at the major Theme Parks, this is a place you might want to consider. Most people really enjoy going to a place on vacation that allows them to get on a go cart track and have control over what the ride actually does. This type of excitement can be found at Fun Spot America. They also have a more old fashioned type of ride that will take you back in time, a Ferris Wheel. There are many other rides available and we will be updating this on our Things to Do area in a few weeks. I will put an update on our blog as soon as this page is ready.

So What are they adding in the Fun Spot Expansion?

This smaller park area has been so successful due to the fact that they are competing with the larger parks in the area but with rides that are very different from everyone else. They found that they have a niche market and a lot of people enjoy something a little more simple during their day. So, on to the expansion. The biggest attraction that will be seen from a great distance is the new Sky coaster. You have probably seen these around beach areas and you will also see them at some larger parks in the United States as well. If you are not familiar with this ride, the structure is a large archway and it is essentially a huge swing that drops you about 250 feet to the ground as you swing back and forth. This is truly a great ride for any thrill seeker out there. Another part of the expansion is going to be 2 fun, family roller coasters. One of the coasters is going to be a steel coaster that is over 1,200 feet in length and the other is going to be a fantastic, rickety, wooden roller coaster. You don’t see the wooden roller coasters as much any more but it is an experience that you can not get on a steel coaster. In fact, if you are interested in riding a Wooden Roller Coaster, this will be the only one running in the Orlando Area. Since the park is expanding, there will also be a new food court location as well as more bathrooms to accommodate the additional guest that will be allowed on the grounds at one time.

What is Opening in the First Phase of the Expansion and when will it all be done?

It looks like the total expansion is going to take some time but the unveiling of the 2 new roller coasters is set to Open on June 8, 2013, just in time for the Grand Re-Opening of the park. The Fun Spot America staff is excited to bring these new attractions to you and the park itself will be tripling over the next few years from 5 acres to a total of 15 acres.

What is Fun Spot Orlando all about?

I think Fun Spot tries to bring the fun of a smaller Amusement Park setting that you would normally find near a large beach area like Myrtle Beach to the Orlando Area. Stay tuned and we will bring additional information as it is made ready.