Playground Opened Early

Disney is not wasting any time getting ready for their newest movie, set to release on March 8, 2013. That’s right, “Oz the Great and Powerful” is on its way and you have more than likely already seen the trailer or a commercial for it already. It is Disney and they sure do know how to market and advertise any of the products that they own or are even related to in some way.

Disney has just opened a new attraction at Disney World to showcase Oz. It is located in Epcot and even though it is meant to be rolled out during the International Flower and Garden Festival, they decided to open it early to allow visitors to enjoy the splendor. Of course, this gives Disney an added push with all of the additional coverage they will receive before the release of the movie, but it is also great for anyone point to the parks to get a sneak preview of what is to come.

What to Expect

Of course you want to know what to expect if you decide to go, right. Well, as anything that is done by Disney, it is magnificent and transports you to the colorful Playground land that your kids will enjoy and it is designed to have all of the vibrant colors that you would expect when visiting Oz. This area is positioned along the Imagination Walkway, and your adventure begins as you walk on the yellow brick road through a very large “O” that spells out the word Oz. As you walk, you will pass by Cabanas that have been setup to make you feel more like you are in the movie itself. In these Cabanas you will find more boardwalk type games like, beanbag or ring toss. You will also find curved mirrors that the kids will enjoy viewing their new appearance as they walk by. The playground area was included to allow the kids to run and play in a colorful fun area while you sit close by taking the memorable family pictures of them playing.

How Long will the attraction stick around?

The Garden Festival only lasts from March 6 through March 19th but I would expect that Disney will keep this around for a while after the 19th. It is a great, fun attraction for the kids but is probably not a permanent attraction at the Epcot area.