What is Preferred Parking at Universal Orlando?

Preferred Parking at Universal Theme Parks in Orlando Florida gives you special access to the sections of the 2 parking garages that are also reserved for Handicapped Parking. Although you do not get to park in a handicapped spot, you do get to park on the same level and experience the same benefits that they do. There are multiple levels on the Universal Parking Garages and if you have not been in it before, believe me, they are huge structures. The two garages are separated by East and West. The East Garage has 6 levels while the West only has 5. Level 3 is the level that has the main access to the entry port that connects the Parking Garages to the Entrance to City Walk, which in turn connects to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. When you purchase a Preferred Parking Pass, this gives you access to the 3rd level parking so you do not have to move up and down the different levels. You are able to get out of your car and walk directly to the Entrance of City Walk.


Is there any other benefit to Preferred Parking?

There are a couple of benefits that I have noticed other than just getting access to the main level of parking. If you opt for standard parking, the parking attendants coral you to where they want you to park. You will be directed to the exact level and parking space that they want you to park in. The parking spaces are very close together and you don’t have any control over where you get to place your car. For a lot of people, this is not an issue, they just want to get to the park as cheap as possible. Something to consider, if you are not concerned about doors opening into the side of your car, creating dings and scratches, standard parking is just fine. If you are interested in keeping your car more safe from this behavior, preferred parking might be your best choice. I know, how in the world does this make a difference? Well, when you enter the preferred lot, you might see an attendant or two but they don’t really care where you park. There are normally plenty of spaces to choose from and there are also many spaces near stairwells and supports that give you some additional space where you will only have one side of your car in a compromised position. They also have these spaces on all of the other levels but since you are being directed by a parking attendant, the chance is very slim that you could ever get one. I know that this is important for some and honestly, it is worth getting a preferred spot for having closer access to the parks as well as a little peace of mind.

How much is Preferred Parking?

This really depends on a number of variables. If you have are an Annual Pass-holder Preferred Parking costs $6.00, unless you are a Florida Resident Annual Pass-holder which is $5.00. If you are just purchasing regular tickets, the pricing gets pretty expensive. Normal parking at the garage is $16.00 a day and Preferred Parking is $22.00.

Picture of the Garage Area

Preferred Parking by Stairwells and Supports