Epcot Red UK Phone Booths – Why?

I know what you are thinking, why in the world would anyone maintain any type of phone booth in this electronic day and age? I mean, is there a purpose to having these phone booths or are they just for viewing what times might have been like years ago? Well, it might be a little of everything mentioned above, for someone who has never been to the UK, this can provide a glimpse into the world of yesterday in a European country without actually having to be there. The phone booths overseas (as well as most things) are very different from what you will find in the United States. It helps us to understand what people in other countries used to use for communication.

Is there more to having these ancient marvels?

You know I would not be writing about this feature if it was no more than just additional flare to this United Kingdom Area in Disney’s Epcot. Let’s see what is so unique about these phones. Although they are designed to add a certain look to the UK area they are also real working telephones. That’s right, now we are starting to get to the juicy part. Since these are live telecommunication devices, they have an actual live phone number assigned to them and if they have a number to call out, that means we can also use them to call in to the park. “What?”, you might say. This makes for a good time if you get board or maybe you want to talk to someone just to see what the weather is like or maybe discover what part of Epcot they like the best. You might even be lucky enough to get someone from another country and find out what they think about the United States. No matter what you decide to talk about, you can call these Phone Booths at any time. If you are lucky enough to get someone one the other end, you might be able to have a meaningful conversation.

United Kingdom at Disney Epcot Phone Booth Numbers

  • Right Phone Booth: 407-827-9861
  • Center Phone Booth: 407-827-9863
  • Left Phone Booth: 407-827-9863

Dialing Epcot for Fun

Not knowing who could answer on the other end of the line is part of the fun. Make sure you are nice to whoever you speak with. It might be a fun opportunity to talk to a stranger from another land but always be courteous and polite.