Bypass the Toll Road when staying at Reunion Resort in Orlando

If you are staying at Reunion Resort while visiting Orlando, it can get very frustrating when having to pay a toll each and every time you take exit number 60, the Apopka exit. That is because this is an unmanned Toll Exit that you have to feed your hard earned money each time you use it. What most people don’t realize, especially if you are visiting the area for the first time, is that you can drive up to exit 58 at Poinciana and bypass the toll completely. This exit still drops you off at the Reunion Resort, it is just a short 1.0 mile drive to get to one of the Security Gates that allows you access to the Resort.


What if I accidentally take this exit and don’t have change?

One of the nice features of the Tolls in Florida is the ability to grab an envelope and send in money if you find yourself without any change in your pocket. If you are like me, I rarely have currency of any kind much less change. It will feel really awkward and a little bit scary if you end up going this route because they are recording you as you go through each toll and they will send you a ticket if you do not pay. Using the envelope works fine as long as you take the time to fill it out correctly and put in the right amount of money. Do not try to get by without paying your toll, they will catch up with you.

I am driving a rental car Do the Tolls really matter?

You might think that just because you are visiting the Orlando area and renting a vehicle that you can get around the toll system. All of the rental companies will explain that even though you will not receive the ticket directly, if they get a ticket from the state, you will be billed from the rental car company. They have your credit card information so it is a guarantee that they will not be footing the bill for this. It is better to send in the money with the provided envelope and not have additional fines on top of the toll.

If you hate paying Tolls.

There are times when I will take a Toll Road if I know that it is a huge time saver but this is not one of them. I really don’t like paying extra for riding on a road so I don’t mind going a mile out of my way to get around this one. Give it a try.

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