Long Lines but Worth the Wait?

I know that the Transformers ride has been open and running for a few weeks now but it is time for me to write my review of the newest ride in the Orlando Universal Theme Park. Walking through the park just to get to the ride is exciting in itself. The Building is very large and looks as if it would actually be a military fortress for one of our armed forces divisions. As you walk up to the main entrance, Optimus Prime greets you from the top of this mighty structure. You have a sense that you are important to the mission ahead. As you are walking through the queue line, you are presented with the story of doom and gloom that only you are able to help with. The story line is set to include every person who rides with the responsibility of saving, not only the human race but also the race of the Transformers as well.


Entering the Transformers 3D Ride Vehicle

I mentioned in one of my earlier articles, before the ride went public, that this ride looked very similar to the Spiderman Ride in Islands of Adventure. The ride vehicle itself is almost identical but when you start moving on the path through the facility, you notice pretty quick that even though this ride is similar, it is very different as well. You are still transported through a realm of different rooms displaying parts of the story line but I felt that the graphics were some of the best I have ever seen on a ride like this. Not only that but the movement of the vehicle seemed to be much improved over the Spiderman ride. I know, how can that be, the Spiderman 3D ride is awesome. I completely agree with anyone who would feel this way but after you have ridden the Transformers 3D Ride in Orlando, you will understand what I mean. The vehicle seems to move much faster and seems to adjust to the environment around you in a more responsive fashion. What this means for everyone riding: the ride is much more intense and gives you better thrills along the way than any other ride of this type.

What is the best time to Ride the Transformers Ride

If you can get to the park early enough to get close to the front of the line, that might be your better option. If you have not already booked your stay in Orlando, you might consider staying at one of the Universal Properties. All of these properties will give you early access to the parks and Express Passes as well – a great perk if you are thinking about going to the parks for multiple days. The other option would be to jump in the single rider line and skip the longest lines. When I was there, the main line was 70 minutes long and the single rider line was only 10. It is not like you are paying attention to the person beside you when you are riding, so what is the big deal anyway? You can still have fun discussing the ride after it has finished. Overall, this is a ride that you must give a try. We absolutely loved it and thought it was a great addition to the Universal overall theme park. I do have one question though, when are we going to get something to update the E.T. Ride?

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