Dr Seuss has a Cut Through to Save Time

Alright, so it is not a huge time saver but whenever you are walking through any of these large Theme Parks in Orlando, every step counts. Any one who is counting every one of their steps on a pedometer while walking during the week, look away while I explain this little short-cut to everyone else who is really interested. Not only does it drop a number of strides it is also a great place to catch your breath and get away from all of those crowds that you tend to run into in this area of the park. Take a minute or two to also enjoy all of the pretty views across the lake at the rides and the lights on the other side.


Where is this Quick Walk Through Anyway?

You are entering the main section of Islands of Adventure and you look over to your right to see the entrance to Seuss Landing, you will notice as you enter, there is a purple strip of walkway that beckons for all to travel on, much like the Yellow Brick Road. Don’t be thwarted into a false sense of security by following the rest of the crowd, NO, break free and follow the path less traveled. Just as you enter the Seussville area, look to the left and you will see the large Green Eggs and Ham Cafe. Turn in this direction and continue left down by the water and under the Dr Seuss Train tracks. This path will take you through a rarely known section of the park and believe me, it is a delight to leave the crowds behind, even if it is only for a minute or two. When you come out on the other side, you will be at the other side of Seuss Landing ready to make your way into a more adult themed area that includes the famed Mythos Restaurant and the large crowd pleasing Poseidon’s Fury – Escape from The Lost City Adventure.

What if I have small children?

Although this will get you around the Seuss Landing area much quicker, be aware that it will also bypass all of the rides and attractions in the Suess Landing area. If you have small children who are interested in this section of the park, you probably will still want to know about this shortcut but it might not be a great idea to travel it every time. You might end up with some very grumpy little ones if they know you are not stopping in the area they will enjoy the most. Okay, dads, put the blindfolds away, they will still be able to hear all of the children and the rides made just for them.

Pictures to help you get through the area

The Path around – Courtesy of Google Maps