New Resort to Open in March of 2014

Universal Orlando is in the process of building the new Cabana Bay Beach Resort to give guests and additional place to stay on Universal Grounds while vacationing. As much as all of these parks in Orlando are expanding, I don’t know if you could ever keep up with the desire to stay on site locations but Universal is adding another Resort to try and keep up. This location is going to take you back to the 1950’s and 1960’s, in a time where everything was more simple. Although the lines and colors may take you back in time, the amenities and offerings will be state of the art and designed to meet all of the needs you have on your vacation.

What will make it stand out?

As you enter the grounds you will immediately see that the colors on the building and the style is reminiscent of the 50’s era. Take your kids to an onsite diner where you can pickup a delicious burger, fries and milk shake. The pool area will be spectacular as well with 2 zero entry pools as the centerpiece of the property equipped with a fun water slide and something that you don’t find in many resorts, a Lazy River. Having all of these water park like amenities will certainly be a draw for guests to come and enjoy this unique resort experience. Something else that you might think of when thinking back to this era are bowling alley’s and this resort does not disappoint, they are building a bowling alley onsite that the whole family can enjoy.

What will the Accommodations be like?

It looks like there are going to be a combination of standard rooms (Max Accommodations for 4 guests) and multiple suites types (Max Accommodations for 6 Guests) available to choose from. All of the rooms will fit the 50’s resort theme and will be an exciting place to spend your vacation.

Universal Orlando Theme Park Benefits

Since this is another Universal Orlando Resort, it is tied to the same great amenities that you get from staying at any of the other Universal Resorts. Early park entrance and Express Passes along with free transportation are just a few of these benefits. As the resort gets closer to completion, we will add this location as one of our featured properties for you to read about everything it has to offer.