Transformers 3D Ride Opening on June 20, 2013

You have been hearing all of the hype about this fantastic new Universal Orlando 3D Ride over the past couple of months and now it is time to unveil the Release date of Transformers: The Ride. Universal announced today that the adventure and take over of humanity starts on June 20th, 2013. This ride is the 3rd generation installment and is sure to rival the previous versions with updated tech and a new perspective on things. Get ready to hold on to your seats and take the family to this newest journey that the Universal Studios team has cooked up.

The Excitement Progression

We have known that this new ride was coming for a while but it has just been in the past few weeks that Universal Studios Orlando has started to wet our appetite for this new attraction. A couple of months ago, we brought you the story about the new Transformers Store Opening early as a way for the creators to get everyone pumped up about this event. What better way to show off what is to come than to open up the ability to purchase memorabilia for visitors early. This hit the media like a storm and it wasn’t long before the buzz was all over and people were just waiting for the next piece. A few weeks later we started to hear additional information about this New and Exciting Transformers 3D ride and wanted to share some information about what it will be like and how it would be different from the one in California. I know that I really started getting excited as I researched the information and could not wait to hear when it would be ready to take on riders. Earlier this week, the Studio went all out and took over part of a building in downtown Orlando to show in full scale that the Transformers have invaded and released a fantastic spectacle in video form to go viral on the Internet. That is all I have been hearing about over the past few days and I could hardly contain myself. So, now the time has come and on June 20th we will all be able to ride something truly wonderful and new at the Universal Theme Park. I hope to see you there.