They Torment Us with the Transformers Entrance to the 3D Ride

Oh how they mush enjoy making us want more during this time when they have all of the power. It just doesn’t seem fair for Universal Studios Orlando to put out such an enticing video that shows the entrance of the new Transformers 3D ride. You would think that all of the hype it has been given up until now would be enough but they keep building on to the excitement. It is actually a great idea, and I know it, but I already can hardly wait to get on this new adventure ride to see how different it is from other rides in the park. It just feels like torture to see things on film that you are not able to enjoy in real life. Not yet anyway.

What is shown in the new Video release?

We have included the video in this article but I will let you know that it is very short and very exciting. Unpredictable camera movements take you into the front section of the line showing off the intricate detail of the NEST Headquarters and the guards in place to protect it. You feel as if you are entering a Military facility that you have no reason to be in. This is what is so exciting about the way it is presented because as you know, it is always thrilling to be somewhere you know you shouldn’t be. Watch as the camera pans around to the different areas and the attention to detail that has been placed on just the entrance to the ride. If they spend this much time making sure that the queue line is done this well, you know the ride has to be spectacular. Once you start down the actual queue line, the signal starts to fade out and is lost right before you get to see the first corridor.

Great Promotional Effects

Universal Studios in Orlando Florida has done a great job with the promotion of this ride. I know that it has me pumped up and ready to go. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have. More will be added as it is being released.

Short Video Universal Orlando

The Entrance and Beginning Queue Line of Transformers 3D