The Wait is Over – Transformers: The Ride is Open

We have been waiting for months for the Official Transformers 3D Ride Opening day in Orlando Universal Studios and now the time has come. Although there was a soft open to this ride a few weeks ago, only the guests who were physically at the park knew for sure if the ride was going to be open or not. Also, during a soft open, you can expect additional delays and temporary ride shutdowns to check all of the mechanical and electrical parts to make sure everything is running perfect for the Official open. Everything has come off without a hitch and the time of Celebration is now at hand.

A new ride at Universal is always exciting

Join in on the excitement if you can and make sure you visit the Universal Theme Parks over your vacation break. Having the new Transformers Ride is an added bonus but on top of that you can also visit the newly opened Simpsons section of the park that is sure to please any Simpson fan that visits. Back to the Transformers Ride, the initial reaction from everyone who has been on this ride has shown pure enthusiasm and is thrilled to get on again and again. The ride opened this morning on June 20th at around 10am. Were you one of the lucky ones to be in the first queue line? Are you going to push your family to take an Orlando vacation this summer just to have the joy of riding this new ride?

What happened at the Opening Ceremonies?

The question should really be, what didn’t happen at the Grand Opening of this ride? As a crowd surrounded the NEST building, the General of the US armed forces walked up to the stand and welcomed all of the new recruits to service. During the first communication, the base came under attack. It was a good thing that Bumblebee and Optimus Prime were there to save the day. That could have been a real disaster to have the building destroyed before any one had a chance to enter the training facility. With a grand fireworks display and 5 jets flying overhead, this was truly a spectacular moment for Universal Studios. After the attack and the All Clear was given, the ride was open for everyone to enjoy.

Video’s from Universal Studios – Transformers: The Ride 3D

Transformers 3D Opening Ceremonies Video


Universal Studios Video of Opening Ceremonies