Take a nice walk on the Disney Boardwalk

I know what you are thinking. Any time you mention the word Disney, it has to cost money. Well, that is not actually the case when we are talking about the Disney Boardwalk. Even if you are not staying at the Disney Boardwalk Inn it is worth a trip to walk along the boardwalk and enjoy the sights and sounds at this old New England style Boardwalk that Disney has created. Best of all, it is free and open to everyone, not just the guests of the Resort.

Sights and Sounds with Things to do

Located on Crescent Lake, as you walk along the Boardwalk, you feel as if you have been taken back in time to enjoy all of the simple pleasures. Take the whole family and enjoy a night out with Jersey Shore style entertainment that is performed nightly as an added attraction bonus. Other than just taking in the sights, if you would like to indulge just a little, there are many different restaurants and shops to visit as you walk up and down the length of the entire complex. Off in the distance, you will swear that you see an old style Coney Island Roller Coaster but as you get closer and hear the splashing fun that the Disney Boardwalk Inn and Villa’s are having, you will quickly notice that this is no roller coaster but a clever disguise for the main water slide attraction at this themed resort. Even if you are not staying at the resort, it is worth talking a walk on the Boardwalk to see everything that Disney has put together to make this place feel so authentic.

Even though it is free to bring your family to this fantastic Disney location, you might find yourself buying some ice cream along the way. This can make for a great family experience and is definitely worth taking the time to visit.