Fun for all at the Wyndham Reunion Water Park

If you have not been to the Wyndham Reunion Resort Water Park, you and your family are really missing out on one of the best water fun locations in the Orlando area. I know that Reunion is a few miles south of the main Disney Theme Parks and Universal Theme Parks but if you have never stayed at this resort, you are in for a real treat. The accommodations are first class in themselves and they have a total of 13 pools in the resort area for everyone to have a good time.

What is there to do at the Reunion Resort Water Park?

The real question is, What is there not to do at this resort. We have stayed at this property many times and it makes the Orlando vacation a real joy each time we go. Be aware that some of the properties that you will rent when you stay do not all offer access to the Water Park area. Some of them only offer a couple of days and others allow you full access during your entire stay. Whether you have children or not, it is a wonderful, relaxing experience to go to this wonderful water play land. As you enter the Water Park, there will be a staff member to check you in. They will check your entry card and verify the date to make sure that you are a valid guest. Once in, you are on your own to walk around and really enjoy the wonders that surround you.

Is there a Kiddie Play Area at Reunion Resort?

If you have smaller ones, you will want to check out the Kiddie Play area to your right. This large aquatic playground will keep your kids screaming for joy all day long. Surrounded by a Shallow Pool, the Children Play area has 2 fun Twisting Water Slides, a large Water Bucket that fills throughout the day and drenches unsuspecting visitors walking through. Along will all of this, there are many different areas to walk around through the maze of wonderful, fun water features in the par of the park. Your kids will never want to leave and they will truly be sad when you tell them that it is time to go.

What is available for the older kids and adults?

The rest of the park caters to the older kids and grown-ups. Take a walk to the other side and you will see a very large swimming pool with Zero-Entry access for the younger ones. This gives the adults a place to cool off while keeping an eye on all of the family members playing in the various areas throughout the park. Wrapping a large portion of the vicinity, you can’t miss the large Lazy River. You will want to grab a tube and settle in as you float around without a care in the world. Watch out though, there are multiple Waterfalls along the path that family members can not help but try to push you under. In this same area, there is a really nicel, long, twisting Water Slide that the family will enjoy.

What can I do if I don’t want to get in the water?

There are lounge chairs all over this location. You can get a nice seat by the main pool area, sit back and relax while everyone else plays in the water. There is a nice grill and bar at this location as well if you get hungry.

There are a number of resorts and hotels in the Orlando area that have water features but if you are looking at the quality of the accommodations and amenities, you will be hard pressed to find anything better then the Reunion Resort.

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