It can get pretty chilly during fall and winter, even when visiting Orlando Fl, so you might be interested in knowing if there are any Disney Resorts with Indoor Pools. Hotels in Orlando with Indoor Pool are great but they are few and far between and when looking for a Disney Hotel with an Indoor Pool, you might be very surprised to find the answer.

Disney Hotels with Indoor Pools

Well, that still does not answer the initial question of, which Disney Resorts with Indoor Pools are available when I visit? The fact of the matter is, None of them. That is right, it doesn’t matter if you stay at one of the Disney World Value Resorts, Disney World Moderate Resorts or even the most elaborate Disney World Deluxe Resorts, not a single one of these Disney Hotels have an Indoor Pool.

Comfortable Heated Pools

Something to consider, even though you will not find a Disney Resort with Indoor Pools in Disney World, all of these resorts have Heated Pools. They do this to regulate the water temperature throughout the year. Even during the coldest months of the year, typically January and February, the normal high temperatures in Orlando Fl are still in the 60’s and 70’s. This is plenty warm for many guests to use the heated pools. Another reason to consider a pool that is inside, is the in-climate weather that blows through from time to time. This guarantees the kids will have some splash time, no matter what it is doing outside.

Look outside of Disney World

While it can be upsetting that none of the Disney Resorts with Indoor Pool exist, there are some Hotels in Orlando with Indoor Pool to consider.