Are there many Water Park Resorts in Orlando?

This might seem like a loaded question but what one person might expect from a Water Park Resort in Orlando might be very different from someone else. Taking this into account, our perspective is; any Resort in and around the Orlando area that has two (2) or more water park features, allows them to be part of our hand-picked Water Park Resorts in Orlando. Let’s break this down and take a closer look.

What about Disney Resorts with Water Parks?

As we continue to break this list down, when you are visiting Orlando, it is a good chance that you will be visiting the Disney World Parks. This being the case, you might be more interested in staying at a Disney World Resort with a Water Park.

Of course, there are also the Universal Orlando Resorts with Water Parks

When staying at the Universal Resorts in Orlando, not only do you want to look at the Universal Orlando Resorts with Water Slides or Universal Resorts with a Lazy River, but which Universal Resorts are closest to Volcano Bay Water Park. If you book your stay at a Universal Resort and get tickets to all of the parks, you can gain early access to the full Water Park Volcano Bay.

The decision can be a tough one

Trying to find the right Orlando Resort with Water Park features to call home on your vacation can be a very daunting task. As you start looking for just the right vacation spot, you probably think that there would be an overabundance of Water Park Resorts in Orlando, however, you will quickly find that although many resorts offer one water feature, there are very few that offer an assortment of them at one location. Depending on your interests, this might not be a concern at all and we try to focus on all aspects of Water-related fun so it is an easier process for you to make your decision. Each of the Resorts listed has multiple pages of information that cannot be found anywhere else.

Criteria used to place an Orlando Resort in the Water Park Category

The first thing that we need to look at is what criteria we use in order to categorize the property as a valid Orlando Water Park Resort. Of course, you can’t expect a resort to have a full-size park but you can expect it to have more than one fun feature. Let’s take a look at this further and break it down a bit. There are a number of Resorts in the area that offer many different types of Water features like Water Slides, Lazy River, Zero-Entry Access, Hot Tubs, and a Kids Water Playground with fountains, cannons, and smaller slides that are more age-appropriate. Some of these locations go the extra mile and add some additional fun including Water Sports like Waverunners, Canoes, Motorboats, Pontoon Boats and Paddleboats. In order to be considered a real Resort Water Park (on our site), the location must offer at least a couple of these features bundled together at the same property location. All of the major properties in Orlando are going to have a pretty nice Swimming Pool, that is a given, but there are many that offer so much more. Our goal is to help match you with just the right property that will fit the wants and needs that your family desires to have during their vacation. Let us help you with the information provided, find something that your family will want to return to time and time again.

Resorts with different Water Park Features

Categories are used to break up the different types of properties. Here is a list of the current categories and criteria that we use to determine the best property for your stay.

This type of property must have at least 2 of the following Attractions:

The Kid Friendly Resorts will have an area that is safe and fun for the smaller ones in your family. These resorts might also have other Fun Amenities but it will at least have something suitable for the younger crowd.

Staying at one of the Lazy River Resorts in Orlando will have a Lazy River to float around and relax in. This is a great amenity for everyone in the family because it provides a relaxation for the adults and additional play area for the kids. This location might also have other Fun Attractions but it will at least have a Lazy River.

Each of the Resorts in the “Water Slide Resorts in Orlando” category will have at least 1 Water Slide but many of the properties have multiple water slides. Some of the Resorts have large water slides and kiddie water slides available. These resorts might also have other Fun Amenities but it will at least have 1 Water Slide.

You have found a real gem if you run across a Resort in Orlando having both water slides and a lazy river. Trust me, your kids will be thrilled that you booked one of the Resorts having more than one water feature.

Take some time and look at all of the information that we have on all of these wonderful properties. You will not find anything like it anywhere else. We hope that you find that it is a real time saver when you can find everything you are looking for in one spot.

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