Hotels Near Epcot Disney World

There is so much more to Epcot than most people realize. Stay at one of the Hotels Near Epcot Disney World, and be close to a vast array of cultures and diversity. Epcot also has thrills as well like, Mission Space and the fast whirlwind ride on Test Track.

While you might put Disney World’s Epcot on the bottom of the list, you might want to know a little more about it before you do. After you learn everything Epcot has to offer, you might not want to stay anywhere other than one of the Hotels near Epcot Disney World.

How many Disney Hotels are near Epcot Center?

Looking at the map around Epcot, you will see that Epcot is very close to Hollywood Studios. This is significant because most of the Resorts, both Disney and others that are near Epcot are also near Hollywood Studios. Being close to both parks makes finding Hotels near Epcot Disney World that much more important. Did you know that you can walk to Epcot and Hollywood Studios from some of the Disney Resorts?

And the closest Disney Hotel Near Epcot is…?

There are actually a couple Hotels near Epcot but having a walking distance of about 0.3 miles, the Beach Club Resort comes out on top. You are able to walk from all of the resorts around Crescent Lake to Epcot. You will want to use one of the other types of Disney Transportation if you are staying at any of the others listed.

Deluxe Disney Resorts near Epcot

Crescent Lake create a waterway for the Water Taxi to take you back and forth to the Epcot epicenter. The Closest Hotels to Epcot are two Disney World Deluxe Resorts. These Disney Resorts have something the other properties do not, the largest Water Park on a Disney Resort in Disney World. Stormalong Bay is full of wonder with multiple Pools, one of which even has a sandy bottom. Nowhere else in Disney can you find a pool where your feet sink into the sand and you feel the grit in between your toes.

Disneys Beach Club Resort

 1800 Epcot Resorts Blvd, Orlando, Fl 32830
| 4 Star Rating
Front Entrance to the Disney Beach Club in the evening 1000
  • Animal Kingdom:  3.7 mi
  • Epcot:  0.2 mi
  • Hollywood Studios:  1.2 mi
  • Magic Kingdom:  4.1 mi
  • Disney Springs:  4.0 mi
  • Blizzard Beach:  2.5 mi
  • Typhoon Lagoon:  3.1 mi
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New England Beach Resort

Front Entrance to the Disney Beach Club in the evening 960

The Beach Club Resort is the closest Disney Resort to Epcot. Walk out of the back doors and you have meer steps to take before reaching the back entrance to Disney’s Epcot. As you walk across the bridge and see the entrance, it is impossible to miss the Disney Skyliner above. Having the Disney Skyliner Station nearby gives you another way to get to Hollywood Studios.

Disney Yacht Club Resort

 1700 Epcot Resorts Blvd, Orlando, Fl 32830
| 4 Star Rating
Disney Express in front of the Disney Yacht Club Resort 600
  • Animal Kingdom:  3.7 mi
  • Epcot:  0.4 mi
  • Hollywood Studios:  1.4 mi
  • Magic Kingdom:  4.3 mi
  • Disney Springs:  4.1 mi
  • Blizzard Beach:  2.6 mi
  • Typhoon Lagoon:  3.2 mi
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New England Yacht Club

Master Bedroom at the 2 bedroom suite at the Disney Yacht Club Resort 960

Sharing Amenities with Disney’s Beach Club Resort, the Yacht Club Resort is very close to Epcot as well. Just a few steps further from the rear entrance to Epcot, either Disney Resort is within easy walking distance.

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn

 2101 Epcot Resorts Boulevard, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
| 4 Star Rating
View of the Disney Boardwalk Inn from across the lake with great view of the water 600
  • Animal Kingdom:  3.1 mi
  • Epcot:  0.3 mi
  • Hollywood Studios:  0.8 mi
  • Magic Kingdom:  3.5 mi
  • Disney Springs:  2.7 mi
  • Blizzard Beach:  1.9 mi
  • Typhoon Lagoon:  2.3 mi
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Walk the Boardwalk to Epcot

View of Shops on the Boardwalk at the Disney Boardwalk Inn 960

Easily making the list of Hotels Near Epcot Disney World, the the Boardwalk Inn is located on the other side of Crescent Lake. At night, the boardwalk comes to life with performers, similar to those you might see when visiting a New England Boardwalk. Fun for the whole family awaits. Watch magic tricks played out in front of your eyes. Take in some shopping or even grab a bite to eat while watching the Water Taxis pickup and drop-off guests all day long.

Moderate Disney Hotels near Epcot

There are a few Disney Moderate Hotels Near Epcot Disney World. The closest one is the Caribbean Beach Resort since all you have to do is cross Buena Vista Drive to get to it. Having plenty of water fun with a nice water slide that empties you directly into the main pool area. You will also find a few different Beaches covered with white sand to enjoy at the Caribbean Resort. Since it is on the Lake, you can take a boat out and enjoy some relaxation with the family.

Two other Disney Moderate Hotels near Epcot Disney World are very close to each other and share boat transportation. The Port Orleans French Quarter and Port Orleans Riverside share amenities and are Hotels near Epcot, right across Epcot Center Drive. The water taxi cannot take you to Epcot though, you will have to board one of the Disney Bus transportation lines instead.

Disney Moderate Resorts close to Epcot

Value Disney Hotels near Epcot

These Disney Value Hotels near Epcot Disney World are not close enough to walk to Epcot but they are more economical. Believe it or not, all of the Disney Value Resorts are pretty close to both Hollywood Studios and Epcot Center.

Disney Value Resorts close to Epcot

Other Hotels near Epcot – not Disney Resorts

You don’t have to stay at a Disney World Resort to be one of the Hotels near Orlando Disney World. Let’s take a look at some of the Hotels in Orlando that get you close to Epcot but they are not run by Disney.

View the full List of Hotels near Epcot

Since the Hotels close to Epcot are the same as the ones close to Hollywood Studios, take a look at the full list by viewing the Hotels near Hollywood Studios. This will show you how far each one of these locations is from all of the Disney Theme Parks

Full List of Hotels close to Epcot

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