Disney Resorts with Water Transportation

It is almost a ride in itself, isn’t it? If you are staying at one of the Disney Resorts with Water Transportation your kids will be wide-eyed and full of amazement when they board the Water Taxi to travel around Disney World area.  Some of the Disney Resorts with Water Transportation will take you from your Resort to one of the Disney Theme Parks.  Other Disney Resorts will take you to Disney Springs. Also, did you know that you can take the water transportation to other Disney Resorts?|

The Scenery is Beautiful from the Boat

Taking the Disney Water Transportation will capture your attention as you pass under bridges and overpasses. Not only do you get to ride in a boat but you also get to share in a unique vantage point of Disney World.  Staying at Disney Resorts with Water Transportation allows you to see things you can not see from anywhere else. Did you know that in some places Disney created Water bridges that span over the top of traffic running beneath?  Pay attention as you are being taken from Magic Kingdom to the Wilderness Lodge or Fort Wilderness and you will see that you cross over a road with your Water Taxi. It is a very interesting sight to see.

What Theme Park is not accessible by the Water?

There is only one Disney Theme Park that you cannot get to by way of a Water Taxi or Ferry, Animal Kingdom. The only way to get to Animal Kingdom is by Bus.

What Parks are accessible by Water Taxi

Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is unique in that it is accessible from the Deluxe Disney Resorts and the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds.

In between the Polynesian and Wilderness Lodge, you have Ferry transport to take any Disney Guest from the Transportation and Ticket Center to Magic Kingdom. The Disney Transportation and Ticket Center is a main hub where all Disney Guests, even those not staying at a Disney Resort, can pay for parking and use the Disney Transportation to get around all of the Disney World Attractions.

Epcot and Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Epcot and Hollywood Studios are connected by the same body of water and are separated by a number of Disney Resorts. Any Resort that has access to Hollywood Studios by Water Taxi, also has access to Epcot and Vice Versa.

Downtown Disney

The Downtown Disney area is a fun filled family adventure full of eating, shopping and shows of all kinds. Here are the Resorts that have Water Transportation to Downtown Disney.

Things to consider if you are taking the Water Taxi

There are times when the weather does not permit the boats to be on the water. If you visit a Disney Location by water and are not allowed to return by the same route, there will always be additional options, like the Bus or Monorail system. Alcohol is NOT allowed aboard any of the Disney Watercraft.

Easy Transportation and Fun

As you can see, staying at one of the Disney Resorts with Water Transportation is just one more way for Disney to show you a good time and get you around in style. Kids love to travel on both the Water Taxi and the Monorail systems. To use the Water Transportation, all you have to do is go to one of the Water Taxi or Ferry location and wait for the Captain to board you on the vessel. You will be told each of the stops along the way, so just get off where you would like and enjoy the wonderful ride.

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