Hotels Near Universal Studios Orlando with Shuttle Service

Visiting Universal Orlando is a lot of fun for the whole family. Hotels near Universal Studios Orlando with Shuttle Service will make a stop at Universal Studios. This transportation will also take you to Islands of Adventure and City Walk.

Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and City Walk are all connected so it makes sense that one Shuttle can take you to all of these locations at once.

How do you intend to get to the Universal Orlando Parks?

The most important thing to consider when booking your stay is to determine how you want to get to the Parks each day. If you stay at one of the Universal Orlando Properties, transportation to the Theme Parks is included. Some Resorts offer water taxi service while others only have the Universal Orlando Buses. If you stay at one of the off-site hotels (not owned or run by Universal), you can still find a place with a Shuttle service. Often, there is an additional fee to provide this transportation. This is something you want to consider when pricing out the different Hotels Near Universal Studios Orlando with Shuttle Service.

Universal Water Taxi Shuttle

The Cabana Bay Beach Resort at Universal Orlando does not offer the Water Taxi Shuttle to and from the Parks and City Walk. When they designed this new resort, the Waterway that connects the properties could not be extended to this location. You will want to catch the Bus Transportation or Walk to the neighboring Loews Royal Pacific Resort and hop on the Water Taxi at this location. You can also Walk to the parks or City Walk if you would like.

Universal Orlando Resorts with Shuttle Service

All of the Universal Properties offer Shuttle Service to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and City Walk. This is a prime reason why many visitors choose to stay at one of the Onsite properties. There is a lot to be said about convenience. This is truly the most convenient option available, especially if you are planning to visit the parks for multiple days. You can take a look at all of the Universal Orlando Properties below:

Universal Resorts with Shuttle Service

Using the Universal Transportation

Since all of the Parks and City Walk are connected to one another, there is no need for a Shuttle between these three locations. However, you are welcome to use the Shuttle to get to the other Resorts to look around. This is a great way to see everything Universal has to offer and start planning your next trip to Orlando Fl.

Non-Universal Owned Hotels with Shuttle Service to Universal Orlando

There are plenty of options available if you would rather stay at a Hotel or Resort off of the Universal Property. Many Hotels Near Universal Studios Orlando with Shuttle Service available to the Parks. While the Shuttle service is not as frequent, and you have to let them know a day in advance, they do offer this service for their guests.

Some of the Hotels Near Universal Studios Orlando with Shuttle Service offer this as a Free option. Some others will include this in the Resort Fee. There are still others that have you pay for Transportation on a daily basis per guest. It is great that these are available but be sure you figure this into your overall trip budget. Additional costs like these can really add up.

Hotels with Free Universal Orlando Shuttle Service – Not Universal Resort

Many of the Hotels and Resorts that offer a Universal Orlando Shuttle will include this as part of their Resort Fee. Since this is considered an additional cost, this has been added to the list of resorts that change an additional fee for this service.

Check with the Hotel First

Check with the front desk of the hotel before booking to make sure all of the Shuttle information is still correct. This is a good practice before booking any of the Hotels Near Universal Studios Orlando with Shuttle Service.

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