Hotels Near Animal Kingdom Orlando

Do you love the Disney Animal Kingdom? Is it your favorite Theme Park in Disney World? If your answer is “Yes”, you should be interested in finding the Hotels Near Animal Kingdom Orlando.

Some are Disney Resorts but there are others that are not owned by Disney but are still near the Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

Are there any Disney Resorts near Animal Kingdom?

There are a few Resorts owned by Disney that are close to Animal Kingdom. If have a tighter budget, all of the Disney Value Resorts are near the Disney Animal Kingdom. The closest being the Disney All Star Sports Resort as well as the Disney All Star Music Resort and Disney All Star Movies Resort.

The Disney World Value Resorts all have very large Swimming Pools. A Kiddie Pool or a Kids Splash Zone is also fun for the little kids. If you are looking for a place with more Water Fun Features like Zero-Entry or Water Slides, consider looking at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort. The Coronado Springs Resort is one of the Disney Moderate Hotels Near Animal Kingdom Orlando.

Looking for a Disney Resort with more Deluxe accommodations? Look no further than the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge. This Disney Deluxe Resort is the closest to the Disney Animal Kingdom Park. On top of being one of the Hotels Near Animal Kingdom Orlando, it also has a savanna packed with animals in its backyard. The Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge is unique with an African style that comes to life as you enter the main lobby. Ff you are truly looking for the African Savanna experience, this is the place you want to look at.

Other Hotels and Resorts around this area

Looking to spend time at Animal Kingdom but don’t really want to be engulfed with “All things Disney” for your entire stay? Take a look at the other Hotels Near Animal Kingdom Orlando. The Holiday Inn Orange Lake Resort is just west of the Disney Animal Kingdom and has multiple pools and water slides. In fact, the Holiday Inn Orange Lake comes equipped with its very own 12 Acre Water Park with Water Slides and Zero-Entry Pools.

Hotels and Resorts in close proximity to Animal Kingdom

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