Water Parks in Orlando

There are many different Water Parks in Orlando to choose from and we will give you all of the information you need in order to make the right decision for your first choice. We know that the time that you get to spend with your family on vacation is limited and there are only so many things that you can fit in. The information you will find on all of the Orlando Waterparks will help in your decision because we try to offer additional little tidbits of information that will help you to put together a better picture of the parks before you step foot on any of the properties. This should help you save time viewing all of the information you need in one spot.

What are the Best Orlando Water Parks?

All of the Orlando Water Parks are amazing in their own way but they are also very different from one another and each has there own special attraction and charm. Choosing which is the Best Water Park in Orlando is really more subjective and should be viewed from the perspective of what you would like for the Water Park to do for you and your family. To better determine just the right Water Attractions to look for, it might be beneficial to take the size and age of you kids in to account. Maybe you are going to the park for the kids but you don’t really want to ride while they kids are frolicking in the water. Maybe you absolutely love the Water Rides but your kids are small so you need something to meet the needs and wants of everyone in the family. Whatever your requirements and goals are, you will find just the right Water Park location in Orlando Florida to match those desires.

What should I look for in the Water Parks Orlando?

Everyone really has there own preference when visiting a Water Park in Orlando Fl and it really depends on what you really enjoy when visiting a Water Fun location. Are you looking for a place to relax while sitting by the pool and maybe enjoy a more tranquil setting like floating down a long, inviting lazy river? Maybe you are a real thrill seeker with the desire to get your heart racing with some of the most exciting drops available. It could be that you just like a mixture of everything that a these parks have to offer. Some of the Water Parks have very unique features that you will not find at a standard park. Have you ever wanted to learn how to surf? Some of the water parks use the wave pool as a way to teach surfing when the park is not in use. What about a Snorkeling adventure. Surprisingly enough you can actually snorkel in a huge saltwater tank with sharks, stingray and many different tropical fish at Disney Typhoon Lagoon.

Take a look at the list below of Water Parks in Orlando Florida that will bring a Splash of Fun to your vacation. The kids will be so excited as you tell them all of the fun things that are available at each of the parks. We find that there is enough information, by reading, looking at pictures of the attractions and watching the videos, that you can get a good idea of each location and what they have to offer before you even start your vacation. It can also get the excitement level building and make the anticipation of the trip something really fun to look forward to.

List of Orlando Waterparks

Aquatica SeaWorld Water Park in Orlando

Everyone who comes to Orlando is already familiar with the SeaWorld Theme Park but not everyone knows Aquatica SeaWorld Water Park in Orlando is right next door and offers a spectacular day of fun in the sun and water. Although [...]

Disney Blizzard Beach

When you are looking for a great Water Park in Orlando there are a number of them to choose from but none of them are quite like the Disney Blizzard Beach. Just imagine pulling up to an amazing alpine ski [...]

Typhoon Lagoon

Located in the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida, Disney Typhoon Lagoon will take you back in time to the Surfer Beach days on the Florida coast when surfing was at its prime and everyone joined around at various [...]