Falcon’s Fury is no Ordinary Drop Zone

Busch Gardens Tampa has been known for bringing some pretty spectacular rides to the Tampa Florida area over the years and their latest Attraction is going to leave you “Hanging” for more. Maybe a play on words is just what we are looking for in this instance because coming in the Spring of 2014, Busch Gardens is going to be unveiling the latest thrill ride at the Tampa park and honestly, it will be hard to miss.

I have been on drop rides before?

Do you remember the first time you took a ride on the unbelievable Sheikra roller coaster? If you have never been to Busch Gardens, they have a roller coaster that is very different from others you might ride. First they take you carry you to the top of a 200 foot structure and then they hang you over a full 90-degree vertical drop area and hold you there for a few seconds while you heart jumps into your throat and then drop you 200 feet straight down. I know the first time I was on this ride, it was so exhilarating that I could not wait to ride it again. Well, hold on to your seat because they are trying to give a new thrill that has not been seen before. Normal Vertical drop rides will either shoot you up in the air and let you drop a few times or they will carry you to the top and hold for a second before they drop you straight down. The new Falcon’s Fury Thrill Ride at Busch Gardens Tampa will beat them all. The first thing you will notice about this ride is the sheer height of it all. At an astounding 335 feet tall, you will be able to see this structure from any vantage point in the park. That is not all though, this ride will start off like most of the other Tower Drops you are so familiar with by moving your seats foot by foot over 300 feet in the air. When you reach the top, this is when it really gets exciting because you don’t come back down the same way you went up. How can that be? At you top most point you will feel your chair start to rotate forward until they lock you in to a 90 degree face down position, then you wait, waiting, waiting until, WHOOSH, you are dropped face first watching the ground catch up rapidly with your body as you experience about 3.5 G’s of force. This is going to be one to put down in the record books I think.

That sounds amazing?

Some of us might think this ride sounds fantastic but I guarantee you that for every person who rides it, there will be a couple of others who stand at the bottom watching all the frightened faces while they come screaming to the ground. First there will be the moment of terror and then relief that you are stopping and then laughter that you actually lived through something so crazy. I think that after you get through the initial shock of it all, you will want to ride again and again.

Video of Falcon’s Fury

Video of the Fabulous Thrill Ride of Falcon’s Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa


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