Walt Disney World Dining Plan as of 2022

Getting a Walt Disney World Dining Plan 2022 would really add to the excitement and adventure of your Disney vacation. Sadly, at this time, Disney is still not offering a Disney Dining Plan option. It is said that it is not the end of the Disney Dining plan; it is just on hold for now.

Dining at Disney World

Dining at Disney World is still a great option. Between the unique food you can get at Hollywood Studios Star Wars area, and Pandora at Animal Kingdom, food at Disney is still a fantastic find. While taking away the Dining Plans at Disney force you to take out your wallet, or magic band to make a payment each time, it is still a great way to spend your vacation. In all honesty, the best part about the included Disney Dining Plan was the fact that you could eat in the plan, and it was all included upfront. This did not necessarily mean you were getting the best prices, just an added convenience.

All-inclusive Disney World Vacation

If you are looking for Disney World All Inclusive Resorts, it is difficult to put this together without including food. When most guests think about “All-Inclusive”, they think that it is a one-time payment and they are good for the entire trip. While you can still book your stay, and flights, and have Disney World transportation included in your trip under one cost, as of October 2022, the Disney Dining plan cannot be added. In fact, it is not even an option, no matter how you book.

Something to look forward to

If the word from Disney is true, we can still hold out hope that the Disney Dining plans will be added back at some point. Will they still offer “Free Dining Plan” options at different times during the year? That remains to be seen. After adding Star Wars to Hollywood Studios, and the pandemic of 2020, a lot has changed in the way Disney World operates. We will just have to wait and see.

Can I still make Dining Reservations in 2022?

Of course, you can. This is the preferred way to get a table at many of the major restaurants in Disney World and Disney Springs. Also, be sure to check out the mobile ordering options around Disney. Mobile orders are made to be easy and will save a lot of time in line at restaurants. Fire up your Disney App and start ordering. After doing this once, you will never want to stand in line again for your food at Disney World. Reservations can also be made simply by calling Disney Dining at 407-939-5277

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