The design and layout of the 2 Aquatica SeaWorld Kid Areas in Orlando has been done in such a way that gives the young kids of all ages a great place to splash around and enjoy the day at this Water Park. Aquatica has broken the kids area into 2 locations to help divide the ages a little. One area is created just for the younger ones and those over 48″ are not allowed in this area. A larger water play area was created for all ages, so if you have children in different age categories, you can stay at one location to keep an eye on all of them in one place.

Fun for Toddlers at Kata’s Kookaburra Cove

A Water Play area designed specifically for Toddlers and youngsters up to 48″ in height, the Kata’s Kookaburra Cove is a perfect place to find a couple of Lounge Chairs under the umbrella and camp out while you watch your kids splashing and playing in the area created just for them. The Wading area is completely surrounded by gentle Zero-Entry slopes and since the water is very shallow, you can relax while your little one is playing at the waters edge. If you have older toddlers that are up and running, they will thoroughly enjoy the 2 small water slides that are mounted just inside of the edge of the pool and splashdown into a few inches of water. They will run around this slide time and time again and you will sit back in glee knowing that they are having the time of their life with such a simple water feature. As your child gets a little older, there are a total of 6 additional Tube and Body slides that riders will enjoy while they splash into the far edge of the pool. There is even a 4 track racing water slide that siblings can get on and race to the bottom. In the center of the pool area there are additional Water Play features with small Water Pails that fill up and dump on the kids below. Tubes spraying water in multiple directions add to the enjoyment of the area as the young ones run underneath staying cool below.

Fun for all Kids at the Walkabout Waters

If you have children that fall into multiple age categories and some of them are older than 5, you might determine that Walkabout Waters is a better location for you to settle in. There are many lounge chairs situated around this play area, some of them have umbrellas and others are out in the sun for those interested in getting a little extra sun. The Walkabout Waters is great for kids of all ages because it has so much to do and different sections provide water play fun for different age groups. The entire area is accessible through Zero-Entry access with no drop-offs. For the Toddlers and very young children, you will find that there are 4 Water Slides of Varying types for them to slide down, splash and play. The older kids will be able to climb around on the large Water Playground area and slide down the much larger slides from the upper levels. There are 4 larger slides that all drop off into their very own splash zone. This is a great feature because there are lifeguards at each water slide exit to make sure that this area is always secure and little kids can’t wander in and get hurt by the bigger kids coming down the slides. The entire family can play at this Water Fun park with small water geysers bubbling water in the shallow pool to multiple water spraying systems around the play area, you are sure to keep cool during the hot days. Watch out for falling water as there are 2 large drenching buckets that tip when they fill, flowing hundreds of gallons of water on anyone nearby. All of the kids will have such a great time climbing around and chasing one another that you have to keep in mind that there are other places in the park to enjoy.

Although there are Life Guards at all locations through the park, Parents should keep an eye on their children while playing at these Kids Water Park locations at Aquatica SeaWorld Orlando at all times.

Aquatica SeaWorld Kata’s Kookaburra Cove Information

    Must be 48″ or less to play

    Parents must stay and Supervise – Please do not just leave children here unattended.

    8 Fun Smaller Water Slides

      Designed specifically for the Toddlers and Preschoolers

      2 Great Winding Tube Slides -Single and Double Riders

      2 Straight Gentle Sloping Body Slides

      1 Smaller Twisting Water Slide

      1 Side-by-Side Racing Slide with 4 Lanes

      2 Small Red and Yellow Kiddie Playground Water Slides in the Shallow Water

    Zero Entry Pool with Shallow Splash Zones

    Water Playground Area Playful Water Fountains and Squirting Water Features

    Water Pipe Play Area with Small Filling Dumping Buckets

    Small Water Geysers

    Plenty of Beach Chairs for Lounging to watch the kids from a safe distance

    Plenty of Umbrellas and Shady places for the Parents

Aquatica SeaWorld Walkabout Waters Information

    This Large Water Playground Area has Something for Kids of Any Size

    Parents will want to stay to watch over the younger kids

    4 Fun Larger Slides for the Older Kids

      2 Medium Sized Green and Yellow Open Twisting Body Slides

      1 Pink Open Figure 8 Body Slide

      1 Yellow Enclosed Water Slide with 2 360 degree turns

      Splashzone for all slides is a Private small pool away from the other kids at play

    4 Fun Smaller Slides for the Younger Kids

      1 Blue Shorter Run 360 Degree Tube Slide

      1 Blue Open Body Slide with 360 Degree Turn and horseshoe slide

      1 Green Slide with Dual Side-by-Side Slides for Toddlers

      1 Blue Slide with Dual Side-by-Side Slides for Toddlers – Smallest of the Slides in this play area

      Shallow Splashzone for all slides for all of these slides

    2 Large Water Buckets Dump Gallons of Water on guests below

    Stairs and Spirals for Climbing

    Zero-Entry Shallow Splash Area

    Bubbling Geysers

    Spraying Water from Tubes at many locations

    Shady areas for the Parents

    Lounge Chairs with Umbrellas

You may never get the kids to leave the areas that are designated for them because honestly, they are so much fun. Aquatica has done a really great job of building in 2 different locations in the park that fit perfectly for the needs of your kids. All you have to do is determine which one works best for your age child and enjoy the day making wonderful memories.