Compared to some of the other Lazy River rides at other Water Parks in the Orlando area, the Aquatica SeaWorld Loggerhead Lane Lazy River is not the longest. Having a smaller 1,200 feet of floating length will still take about 10 minutes to float around. For a lot of people, this is plenty because this ride is completely surrounded by lush greenery and is just a very inviting place to relax. There are a couple of features that make the Lazy River Loggerhead Lane a little different from the competition. This ride is actually used as a gateway to gain access to the Tassie’s Twisters Water Slides which take riders from an enclosed tube into a swirling bowl of fun. When riders exit the Water Slide, they dump into a small splash pool that connects directly to Loggerhead lane. This is unique in that if you decide that you want a few minutes of adrenaline pumping excitement during your float, you can just jump off of your tube and walk up to this great Water Slide.

Large Aquarium Views

As you enter the main cave about half way around you will notice something that you will not find on other rides. There is a huge picture window view to the Commerson’s Dolphins tank that is the main focal point to the park and also the main reason for riding down the speed slide, Dolphin’s Plunge. If you are a little nervous to take drop through the darkness on this one of a kind ride, you can at least view everyone else as they enter the clear tube that takes them straight through the Dolphin’s Tank. This is a lot of fun because of the people you will see whiz by with water flying in their faces but I have to say, this location gives you the best view in the park to the very unique, black and white dolphins that almost remind you of small Killer Whales.

Roa’s Rapids – Lazy River on Steroids

I don’t think I would categorize this Water Ride as a Lazy River but the Roa’s Rapids provides an amazing river floating ride that is a blast for all who enter. This ride is a little longer than Loggerhead Lane and much faster. You will also not be bringing along a tube either. If you are under 51″ in height, you are required to wear a life vest, it is optional for anyone taller but from experience on these rides, wearing a life vest, or at least using one to float on, creates additional buoyancy that makes this ride even more enjoyable. Of course, if you want to just swim along around everyone else, going without the vest might be the best option. After you have been on both of these rivers, most people prefer the Roa’s Rapids because, let’s face it, most of us like a little faster pace.

Loggerhead Lane Lazy River Information

    1,200 Feet in Length

    Takes about 10 Minutes circle the length of the Lazy River

    Sunny and Shady Spots

    1 Zero Entry and Exit Points to Loggerhead Lane

    Used to get to the Entrance of Tassie’s Twisters

    Long Cave like area that allows you to see the Commerson’s Dolphins up close and also view riders as they zip through the clear tube from Dolphin Plunge.


    Inner Tubes available as you enter the ride

    Tubes are not required and you can Walk or Swim as well

    Fun for the entire family

    Height Requirements – Guests under 48″ must wear a life vest

Roa’s Rapid River Information

    1,500 Feet in Length

    Very fast circulating river ride

    Multiple Squirting Water Fountains

    2 Zero Entry and Exit Points

    Tubes are not allowed

    Life Vest provide additional Buoyancy


    Flow Splits at area to create a more Rapids type ride

    Life Vest are not Required over 51″ in Height

    Fun for the entire family

    Height Requirements – Guests under 51″ must wear a life vest

After you have been standing in lines for the larger water features in Aquatica, there comes a time that you just want to relax and do nothing else. When you get to this point, head over to the Loggerhead Lane and float without a care in the world on this lazy river. If you are looking for something with a little more speed but you still want to relax, give the Roa’s Rapids a try.