Wave Pools at Aquatica SeaWorld Water Park in Orlando

When you visit a Water Park in Orlando one of the features you are normally looking for is a nice, large wave pool and here at Aquatica you will not be disappointed. In fact, at Aquatica SeaWorld Orlando Pools you get double the fun and experience with the Cutback Cove Wave Pool and the Big Surf Shores Wave Pool. That is right, you get 2 splash in the only Side-by-Side Wave Pool in the United States. At the back of each wave pool you will have a very picturesque view of a Rock Formation that hides the water buildup tank designed to create these amazing waves. The pool area is surrounded by lovely Palm Trees and other greenery to make if feel more like a tropical location than a Water Park. You will also find many different places to lay out and enjoy soaking in the rays of the sun with hundreds of lounge chairs, some with umbrellas and others open to the sky, on a white sandy beach area in front of the 2 wave pools. If you can get to the park early, this is a prime location to get your seating for the day.

What is the Difference between Cutback Cove & Big Surf Shores?

First of all, having 2 of these Giant Pools beside each other makes for a very appealing time for the parents and the kids alike. Since the surf is different at each Wave Pool, you will tend to see the larger kids and adults drawn to Cutback Cove because the Waves are consistently rolling and there is a little more action. The Big Surf Shores Wave pool is designed to mix things up a little bit by offering waves of varying sizes and the length between the waves are varied as well. When you get your seating arranged, just sit back and watch the two Wave Pools to see which one works best for you. I will guarantee, by the end of your stay, you will have spent time in both of them and thoroughly enjoyed it all.

SeaWorld Aquatica Cutback Cove and Big Surf Shores Wave Pool Information

  • Only Water Park in the US that has side-by-side wave pools
  • Beautiful Rock Wall Backdrop Surrounded by Lush Trees
  • Cutback Cove has Consistent Wave Action
  • Big Surf Shores varies the Wave Height, from Low, Medium and High as well as the Frequency of the Waves
  • Scenic White Sand Beach areas with plenty of Lounge Chairs and Umbrellas
  • Zero Depth Entry points

  • Large Relaxing Beach Area with plenty of Shade Trees
  • Refreshing Waterfalls along the rock edges
  • Lifeguards stationed at multiple vantage points for safety

Enjoy the distinctive difference at SeaWorld’s Aquatica Wave Pools when you enjoy the wonder and beauty of having 2 Wave Pools at the same location to enjoy. No matter what your age, there is a spot at this pool that will allow you to have a great time and enjoy the lapping of the waves at the shores or heading out deep into the heavy surf.