On top of having an incredible Suite or Villa to stay in, you will also find many different Caribe Royale Orlando Amenities to enjoy and take part in during your visit. If you find that the Disney Theme Parks get a little crowded, come back to the Amenities at the Caribe Royale and find something to do until things calm down a little.

Pools, Water Slide and Fun

It is the first thing your kids will look for when they leave the main entrance and head through the courtyard to your room. The large, free form shaped pool is very inviting and you will not get much done until you take your kids to jump in and enjoy. The waterfalls are calming and very inviting for the adults but the main attraction for your children will be the winding 75 foot water slide. Everything you need to know about the Caribe Royale Orlando Pool.

Tennis and Basketball

You cannot get enough outdoor activities when you visit Orlando Fl and having a Tennis Court and Basketball court on the Caribe Royale Resort property give you one more way to have great fun with your family.

Stay in shape at the Fitness Center

We are not just talking about a small fitness center you normally find in a regular hotel. No, the Fitness Center is one of the premier Caribe Royale Orlando Amenities. This large, 2 story, 3,500 square feet of fitness bliss has everything you might want for any type of fitness you are in to. Plenty of Cardio equipment is on hand and there are also 40 pieces of strength training equipment as well. You will wonder if you are at a resort or a full scale gym.

For a full list of Caribe Royale Orlando Amenities in a Quick List format, take a look at the Caribe Royale Orlando Fl Facts.

Arcade Room

Kids and Parents will have a good time at the large arcade room at the Caribe Royale Orlando Amenities. Air Hockey, Pool as well as other stand up games make for an enjoyable time when you want to spend a few hours out of the Florida heat.

Business Center

Since the Caribe Royale is designed for Pleasure and Business, the Business Center is setup to meet any of the office type needs you might have while on your business trip. Anything you would find in your typical office like, computers, copy machines, faxing even a Notary Public service is available if needed. It is all here, right at your fingertips and makes this one of the most important Business Caribe Royale Orlando Amenities.

Luxury at the Spa

The Island Spa has many offerings available to pamper you through part of your day. Come in and get your nails done, a complete body massage or one of many other treatments available.