GatorLand Orlando Tickets
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Where else can you experience the “real” Florida?? Thousands of birds, alligators and animals await you. Cool off at the Gator Gully Splash Park. Or maybe test your skills in croc wrangling. Gatorland is one of Orlando’s best half day attraction!

An Experience You Won’t Forget – Gatorland

Experience Florida as it’s known: Alligators, Animals and Birds. Reptile shows and Gator Gully Splash Park await you and are fun for all ages. Gatorland is one of the best Orlando half day attractions. This 110 acre theme park introduces a wildlife preserve with exciting exhibits and entertainment. This park actually opened back in 1949 as a roadside attraction: “Alligator Capital of the World”. Today it boasts family fun with crocodiles, alligators, breeding marsh equipped with a boardwalk and observation tower. Enjoy one of a kind reptile shows as well as miniature water par, petting zoo, educational programs and aviary to name just a few perks.

The trainer for a day program is perfect for those wanting a glimpse of what it takes to work with dangerous animals. Learn handling and safety procedures as well as basic behavior animal training. Training sessions with reptile experts are also provided. Test your skills at croc wrangling. Move large alligators and crocodiles as you assist your reptile trainer in daily activities.