If you are a frequent Business Traveler the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport is a fantastic place to consider. On the other hand, if you are looking for the whole Disney Experience, this might not be the place for you. The Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport Hotel is very convenient to fly in, grab your bags and head to your room without having to make any additional travel arrangements. This can work against you to some degree if you are planning to visit the local attractions if your visiting time is more than a couple of days in length. What I mean is the Hyatt Regency at the Orlando International Airport does not provide Complimentary Transportation to the Disney, Universal or SeaWorld Theme Parks.

So, How do I get around?

That is not to say that you are stuck at the hotel by any means. If you want to get around, there are plenty of options. Maybe you would like to rent a car for a few days or if you are only in the area for a couple of days, you can arrange to get around by scheduling travel with the Mears Shuttle Service or even use Uber. Mears does charge a fee per person but depending on your stay, this might be the most affordable option.

For the Business Traveler

If you are on a Business Trip, there are few options available to you that would meet all of your expectations any better than the Hyatt Regency around the Orlando International Airport. This hotel is very convenient for the Business Traveler but don’t expect to have a great experience with the traveling family here. It is far away from all of the fun and can be a little noisy when swimming in the outdoor rooftop pool as the planes fly by.

Not a Water Park Hotel

The Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport has a great pool but does not have the water park features we consider to make it a water park hotel. It is still a great option in the Orlando area but look at the amenities to make sure it meets your travel needs.

Why the Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport is included:

 Main Amenities

  • 1 Bedroom Suite
  • Universal Shuttle ( Fee )
  • near Airport ( MCO )

What can I expect from my Room?

Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport King Room with Balcony and views wide

It really depends on what you are looking for. If a standard room will meet your needs, you can save a little money and either have a room with a King Bed or a couple of Queens. If more space is a better fit, there are a number of different size Suites that might work out better for your travels. On top of these options, if you deal with a number of allergy issues, ask about the Pure-Hypo-Allergenic room options available at the Hyatt Regency Resort at MCO.

Hotel Ratings

Above Average 90
Average 7
Below Average 3

Take some time and look at the Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport TripAdvisor Reviews to see all of the latest and up to date reviews.


Hyatt Regency International Airport Hotel Rooftop Pool wide

It might not be the largest pool around but it is nice to take a dip and cool off. There are also 3 Water fountain jets that continually stream water from the back of the pool. Around the pool deck, there are lounge chairs and umbrella’s to relax and either lay in the sun or stay in the shade under an umbrella. There are not any additional Water Amenities at this Hotel.

What else is at the Hotel

Since this is an Airport Hotel, you will find shopping as you head out through the airport and around the entrance to the Hotel itself. After sitting on the plane all day, head over to the fitness center to get your workout going before heading out for the evening.


Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport Dining with a View wide

A fine dining experience is waiting to serve you at the Hemisphere Steak and Seafood Restaurant. Some of the best steaks around can be found at this Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport location. Of course, if you are just looking to unwind, there are a number of bars around the hotel and concourse to meet up with people and discuss your day.