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What kid does not love LEGO’s? I don’t know of many. It seems that over the past few years LEGO has branded themselves in so many different areas of the media, it is really hard to get away from them. Sure, you can still buy the little plastic bricks in just about any major store and many places online but think of how far they have expanded their empire. You now have games for just about every platform like XBOX, PlayStation and even Nintendo. You are even starting to see movies made completely from the characters you know and love. The amazing thing is the way they appeal to all age groups and not just the young ones in the group.

LEGOLAND ® Florida Admission and Transportation

Time to take a chance and enjoy something completely different from what you are used to in an amusement park. When you enter the world built from plastic, well not everything is made of plastic, you get a glimpse of a magical place that only LEGO could create. Know that the rides and shows are geared towards the younger crowd, somewhere in the age range of 2 and 12 although if you read the reviews most people agree that anyone over 10 might be a little old for this park. Don’t confuse the age range with the size of the park. This place is really pretty big and there are so many fun things to do while you are there.


There are only a couple of shows to take in while you are in the park and if you take kids over 6 or 7 they will more than likely get bored pretty soon. These shows are designed to be fun an musical for the smallest kids around. If you do have pre-school age or even early elementary age children, they will probably enjoy the show but you will leave singing songs that they put in your head all day long.

Showcase of America

Wouldn’t you feel left out if you went to this park and did not see some amazing structures and towns built from these rugged little blocks? You will not be disappointed because you will have a chance to walk through incredible miniature built areas that you will not find anywhere else. As you stroll through Mini-land USA take in places like the Kennedy Space Center, California and even New York City. It is fantastic to see places come together in miniature form that you can walk around and enjoy.

Transportation to and from

You can purchase tickets with or without the transportation option. For just a little more you can meet at any of the pickup and drop off locations in Orlando to get on your very own coach and not have to worry about driving. Some enjoy having this option and other would just assume drive. Either way you are covered.

Where is LEGOLAND Florida located?

If you are staying in Orlando all you have to do is head West on Interstate 4 until you take the exit for US 27 South to Winter Haven Florida. The trip is about 50 miles and depending on how heavy the traffic is, you should be on the road for about an hour to get there.

LEGOLAND Florida Address

Winter Haven, FL 33884
(863) 318-5346
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