Once you stay at the Reunion Resort Orlando Fl it is really difficult to stay any where else. The Reunion Resort Orlando Fl is one of only a handful of 5 Star Hotels in Orlando. That in itself is worth checking out this resort but once you realize all of the amenities available on this property, you may not ever want to leave.

The Reunion Resort Orlando is in a very convenient location near all of the major attractions. If you take the time to look at the Wyndham Reunion Resort Map you will see the property is located only a few miles south of Disney World and is right off of Interstate 4. If you are looking for some extra relaxation on your trip, staying a few miles away can be a good thing

Suites, Villas and Homes at Reunion Resort Orlando Fl

There are so many options available when staying at the Reunion Resort Orlando it will take you a few visits to determine what you like the best. Do you like staying in one of the 1 or 2 bedroom Villas at the 11 story Reunion Grande or would you rather stay at one of the Reunion Resort Villas located on a golf course or near a pool? That is not all, if a 1 to 3 bedroom villa is not enough, you can always check out the Reunion Resort Rentals and get a single family home for you stay.

Reunion Resort Reviews


You would expect to see a higher percentage for above average for the Reunion Resort Orlando Fl, especially since it is one of the a 5 Star Properties in Orlando Fl, still, 82% is not bad considering everything you get. Most guests love the size of the 2 and 3 Bedroom Villas and think there is more than enough room for a family that visits. The Reunion Resort Water Park is a wonderful addition with a Water Slide, Lazy River and a full Kids Splash park as well. The Wyndham Reunion Resort Pools are phenomenal with a beautiful rooftop pool at the 11 story hotel and even a large infinity pool across the street. There is at least one pool in each Villa complex and many have two.

* Estimate of Rating Levels

Above Average - 82%
Average - 8%
Below Average - 10%

The Reunion Resort Orlando Fl used to be owned by Wyndham but in 2011 is was bought out by Salamander Resorts. On the down side, there is a percentage of guests who feel that the Resort is in a little bit of disrepair and could use some updating. It also seems to be a problem when going through check in at times. The staff is mentioned as friendly but not always taking care of issues as quickly as they should.

Take some time and look at the Reunion Resort TripAdvisor Reviews to see all of the latest and up to date reviews.

* Rating Levels were created from TripAdvisor information at the time of adding this property. Please check the Reunion Resort TripAdvisor Reviews to see if any changes to the ratings have changed before booking.

Water Park, Water Slide and Lazy River

The Reunion Resort Water Park at this Orlando Salamander Resort is one of the best of any property in the area. This park comes complete with something for every age group in the family. The largest area has a winding water slide, large lazy river with cave and waterfalls as well as a zero-entry pool. On the other side of the park a full kids splash zone with multiple smaller water slides are great for toddlers up to 10 years of age.

Things to do

If you have had enough of the pools and water park, there are plenty of other Wyndham Reunion Resort Amenities as well. If you are a Golf lover, you have certainly picked the right place. There are a total of 3 golf courses to pick from during your visit. Others might enjoy a game of Tennis. There are courts available on the property as well.

Time to be pampered

Vacation is a time for relaxation and what better way to relax than to treat yourself to a massage, manicure at the Reunion Resort Spa. Give them a call and reserve a day or more to get yourself taken care of. Remember, vacation is not only for the kids, you deserve some time for yourself.

Restaurants at Reunion Resort Orlando Fl

There are a number of different dining options available on the property. One of the premier locations to dine would have to be Eleven located on the top floor of The Grande. The food is fantastic, offering up some of the best fine dining options around and with the unique indoor-outdoor lounge area, you can adjourn to the pool deck and watch the fireworks after your dinner. Located on the main floor of The Grande is Forte, with an Italian flare. For a great Breakfast buffet spread, head on over to the Clubhouse where the food is delicious and the views of the Golf Course are divine. All of the dining options can be found at the Reunion Resort Restaurants.