The Experience of a Lifetime says it all with the Drive Along experience at the Walt Disney World Speedway in Orlando. Take to the track and in a true Nextel cup series stock car and run a full 30 laps. With this amount of time you will be able to gain experience and increase your speed and have quicker lap times.

Richard Petty Drive Along Experience of a Lifetime

Taking on the Richard Petty Drive Along Experience of a Lifetime at the Walt Disney World Speedway in Orlando Florida is exactly what it says, the “Experience of a Lifetime”. This is truly a special occasion if you are able to swing this program. You get a full 30 lap run in 3 – 10 lap sessions. This is great because you get to see what changes can be made between runs to better your speed and your lap time. What a thrill this will be.

The Richard Petty Experience of a Lifetime

Here is what happens to get started with this package:

  • An Orientation Session
  • On Track Instruction
  • Photo Opportunities
  • Driver Question and Answer
  • Hours of driving in a professional Nextel Cup style Stock Car

Once you complete your training, change into your drivers suite, put on your helmet and neck brace and slide through the window behind the wheel of a real Nextel stock car. As you heart starts pounding, turn on the ignition and hit the start button. Feel the rumble of this 600 Horsepower beast and you put your foot on the gas and move out on the track. At the end of your 30 laps you will be a part of a ceremony to get a graduation certificate as well as your time sheet. This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people and it will be something to tell your friends and family about for ages.