The Richard Petty Rookie Experience at Walt Disney World Speedway in Orlando gets you behind the wheel of a real Nextel Cup class stock car. After instruction you will be out on the track taking on the adventure of a lifetime.

Race 8 Laps at Walt Disney World Speedway Orlando

Do you feel like you have what it takes to race 8 laps around the Walt Disney World Speedway? Get in the driver’s seat of a professional stock car with 600 horsepower, place your hands on the wheel, put your foot on the gas and feel the power. The exhilaration you feel when you are behind a real stock car is like nothing else you will ever experience. The duration of the program is around 3 hours but you will be talking about this adventure for the rest of your life.

The Richard Petty Rookie Experience

This is considered the “Rookie Experience” and to get you started this package includes:

  • An Orientation Session
  • On Track Instruction
  • Photo Opportunities
  • Driver Question and Answer
  • Hours of driving in a professional Nextel Cup style Stock Car

This is an experience that is hard to beat. It doesn’t matter if you follow Nascar, if you love cars, speed and excitement, this is the experience for you. Get suited up in your driver’s suit, put on that regulation helmet and neck guard, get in that car and have the most wonderful time of your life. After taking your laps, you receive a graduation certificate and a lap-time sheet to take with you.